Could Modern Cannabis Save the World? — CHS 2017

He painted this wonderfully detailed picture of the current innovation in cannabis, and how it’s allowing us to extrapolate more personalized benefits from this plant.

He made us laugh, made us cry, and by the end of the talk, he took things into high-gear with his ultimate thesis, vision, dream of how cannabis could truly heal a lot of the pain and suffering throughout the world.

If you’ve never experienced the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, you might think his words are exaggerated. And to that mentality I respond: how can you know about cannabis – or any subject for that matter – unless you’re fully aware?

And how can you be fully aware of anything – in this case cannabis – if you’re not curious about it?

Steve DeAngelo has been extremely curious about every aspect of cannabis for decades. He talks about a lot of the effects that cannabis has on us, including its ability to:

• Extend patience
• Encourage tolerance and open-mindedness
• Heighten appreciation of nature
• Engage self-examination
• Teach more peaceful ways of resolving conflict

Indeed, these are desired values within the context of any society, family, relationship, or person. These are lessons the cannabis experience can teach if you’re willing to listen. And you can only listen, if you’re curious enough to open yourself.

And first we have to drop all stigma, be willing to suspend preconceptions, and take a look at what this plant is really about and how we can move forward with it in a way that makes sense and adds value.

Education is key no matter how much experience you have with cannabis, and that’s why we celebrate people like Steve DeAngelo and all the other 35+ experts, practitioners, physicians, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and thought leaders – people who took the stage at Cannabis Health Summit 2017 in front of viewers watching online from across the globe.

These people stepped onto a world stage and made themselves vulnerable, sharing their message, their truth – all in the name of getting cannabis education to people just like you.

Understanding and learning about all the nuances of cannabis + health will empower you to make informed decisions about cannabis. Why not learn from the experts everything we can, helping each other to transcend stigma and misconceptions while getting the absolute most benefit from a plant humankind has been using for thousands of years.

That’s a powerful message. And it includes actionable information that you can use directly in your own life.

Health is number one, right?

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