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    Mitten Extracts: From Medical to Milestone

    Our story begins with childhood friends who shared a passion that grew with age. Driven by daring adventures and the potential for providing alternative healing, Mitten Extracts’ co-founders, Jacob and George, envisioned a brand that would champion their dreams, delivering premium products for cannabis users and building cherished relationships. Through endless hours of trial and error, they found themselves as entrepreneurs embarking on a journey that has not only transformed their lives but also revolutionized the cannabis industry in the heart of Michigan.

    Their journey began with crafting THC cartridges, and these products gained traction in both the caregiver and medical markets, providing relief and comfort to those in need. Word-of-mouth quickly spread their products across the state while the brand continues to grow in the recreational market and navigate the intricate cannabis landscape. Mitten Extracts quickly became synonymous with quality, trust, and empowerment, amassing a dedicated following for their four product lines, with more creations on the horizon.

    In a groundbreaking move slated for the end of 2023, Mitten Extracts is set to unveil its inaugural brand store in Romeo, MI, promising an immersive experience that showcases their love and commitment to the craft.

    This space will serve as more than just a stage for their product offerings and education; it will stand as a home for those who believe in the transformative power of cannabis and have an interest in learning more about the healing properties of this controversial flower.

    Mitten Extracts constantly reflects on the incredible journey that led them here. They express gratitude for the regulations that have paved the way for their success, enabling them to share their boundless love for cannabis and community.



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