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    Milkyway 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

    With the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to elevate the gift-giving experience for the bong enthusiasts in your life. Whether you’re shopping for the seasoned aficionado or someone new to the world of smoking accessories, our holiday gift guide has all the essentials to make this season extra special. From sleek designs to innovative features, we’ve handpicked a selection that combines style, functionality, and a touch of holiday cheer. Get ready to discover the perfect gift for your favorite cannabis connoisseurs and make this holiday season a truly memorable one.

    For the one that’s got it all: Ash Catchers

    Our collection of dry and wet ashcatchers is perfect for the individual that’s already got their perfect setup. Ash catchers help in reducing the amount of ash and debris that goes into your bong, allowing for an easier clean. A wet ash catcher can also act as an additional filtration chamber, further increasing the smoothness of the smoke.

    For the bee lover in the group: Mini Apiary 11″ Beaker Bong – $180

    Our 11 inch tall Mini Apiary Bong in pink is the perfect size for a daily driver, and it’s got so many cool bee related details included. From the intricate bee design, to the elaborate honeycomb patterns all over, it’s the perfect bee themed piece. Save the bees!

    For the newcomer: Bio-Mark Pulse 14″ Beaker Bong – $120

    A piece from our new MilkywayX collection is the perfect piece for a new smoker. With a variety of color options, an included downstem and bowl, ice restriction and thick 9mm glass, it has all the elements of a great bong. Furthermore, it’s at a great price.

    The one who loves to dab: Hybrid Engine 9” Clear Dab Rig – $175

    Our Hybrid Engine Dab rig is one of our newest designs. At 9 inches tall and a super thick base, it’s incredible durable and made to last. It includes a tree perc for extra diffusion and is guaranteed to give a great hit. It comes with a flower bowl, but you can always pick up a matching quartz banger.

    For the Zen master: Buddha Blue and Silver Frit Hand Pipe – $65

    Our classic Buddha hand pipe has classic imagery engraved using our sandblast and frit technique. The use of silver frit contrasts the dark blue background, allowing for t he design to show beautifully. This 4.5 inch hand pipe is perfect for those wanting something portable and easy to use.

    For those chasing the best hit: Nuclear Reactor 14″ Clear Beaker Bong with Collins Perc – $235

    smooth hit. We’ve had feedback from quite a few customers saying they’ve never had anything like this! Standing at 14 inches tall, with 9mm glass all around and an extra thick base, this piece is built to last.

    For the one that’s been abducted by aliens: Space Odyssey: 3022 A.D. 14″ Clear Beaker Bong – $190

    An upgraded version of one of our original releases. The Spacy Odyssey 3022 is an incredibly intricate design and shows our double layer sandblasting to the fullest degree. There’s so many details included, it’s hard to describe everything. UFOs, Aliens, planets, galaxies, it’s got everything a space afficionado would want.

    For the one who loves pink: Kabuki Recycler 8.5” Dab Rig – $215

    Our Kabuki Recycler in Pink is adorned by an elegant geisha, and various other Japenese inspired elements. Calm and serene, it invokes feelings of tranquility and peace. Check out our review of the teal version here.

    For someone needing a completely new setup: The Combo Creator

    Our combo creator can have your setup fully configured in minutes. First select a beaker, then you choose an ash catcher and after, a bowl/stem/quartz. Finally you can pick an orbital design and receive an included sticker! Our combo creator also gives 10% off the entire package.

    The best piece on a budget: Hypnotic 6″ Clear Dab Rig – $110

    Our Hypnotic rig was one of our very first designs and has maintained it’s popularity throughout the years. It’s compact, functions beautifully, looks great and is priced affordably. We also have a similar shape in the MilkywayX collection. Check it out here.

    For the skull lover: Temple of the Dragon 7″ Dab Rig – $180

    Our Temple of the Dragon rig in smoke is a truly sinister piece. Adorned with skulls all around, and depicting a cathedral of death, there’s loads of little detals in this piece. Inside it contains a powerful showerhead perc in it’s own chamber for ultimate smoothness.

    For the sneaker lover: Moonwalker Sneakers High ’23 Quartz Banger Nail – $65

    Our lastest release. Our Milkyway Premium Quartz lineup features a thick, fully welded and seamless joint that’s made to last. In additional, we’ve applied our double-layer sandblast technique, creating a truly beautiful and useful additional to your arsenal. 

    For those not scared to get down and dirty: DNA Codex 14″ White Beaker Bong – $225

    No words to describe it. Truly beautiful and unlike anything else on the market. It’s uncommon for white glass to be used in a way like this. We’ve even included a matching white bowl so it all just… works.

    Happy Holidays!

    Thanks to you if you’d made it down this far. We’ve proud to have created a collection that appeals to our fans around the world. As always, if you have any questions about our pieces, please contact us! We hope you have a great holiday season, and are able to smoke it up with family and friends. Until next year!


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