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    Microdosing 101: Psilocybin

    The granddaddy of the microdose, psilocybin microdosing has seen an explosion in popularity amongst everyone from tech elites and world class billionaires, to those who simply want to increase their focus and productivity throughout the day. Here we outline the ins and outs of microdosing psilocybin to help you start your microdosing journey.

    What Is Microdosing?

    Microdosing is when you consume a small amount of a substance with the intent of experiencing the optimum benefits of that substance without the overpowering extremes the substance can – at times – deliver at full dose. Microdosing can be used for a variety of goals, including pain relief, improving focus and concentration, and stress and anxiety relief. Why and how much a consumer microdoses is entirely dependent on their own individual goals and needs, so a microdosing system that works for one person may not work for another. Part of the microdosing fun is figuring out what dose works best for you.

    What Are The Benefits?

    The effects of consuming psilocybin in regular doses include feelings of euphoria, transcending space/time, a positive mood and mindset, dreamlike states, and – at times – an overall life altering experience rooted in a spiritual awakening. Ultimately, the benefits of microdosing psilocybin depend on what the consumer is trying to work through. In microdosing psilocybin, consumers are aiding their mental health by helping to alleviate symptoms of depression and grief, or helping boost focus, productivity and creativity. Another potential benefit of microdosing psilocybin is the elimination of anxiety, which the microdose helps transform into confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. While full doses of psilocybin are continuing to become more and more popular with mental health research and mental health therapy, microdosing for mental health continues to become a more popular and efficient option as well. Microdosing does not help you avoid your daily life, but rather helps enhance your life by making your true self more vibrant.

    How Do You Microdose Psilocybin?

    Studies vary on how best to microdose, but a general rule of thumb is to use one tenth of the amount for a low-dose “mushroom trip” (one tenth of 1g – aka .01g), which is small enough to not produce any psychedelic hallucinations, but large enough to unlock your brain and improve your mind’s functionality. Depending on how you want to use your microdoses, you can either prep for daily use, a few times a week, or once a month. If you’re thinking about microdosing psilocybin for therapeutic uses, it might be more beneficial to consult a medical professional – aka therapist – to figure out what the best treatment plan is for you and the symptoms you’re experiencing. The doses are then ingested orally via a variety of different methods.

    What Forms Does It Come In?

    There are three main forms for ingesting the psilocybin within magic mushrooms:

    Raw: Microdosing raw can be a very effective method, particularly if the dried mushrooms are ground into a fine powder. From there, you can administer a measured microdose using a small sensitive scale, like those used for measuring the weight of jewelry.

    Alternatively, a less effective “eyeball” method is ripping off a small piece of the dried mushrooms and ingesting, but the microdose might not be as accurate as with the measured powder.

    Chocolate bars: If you were to procure chocolates from a legitimate mushroom chocolate company, most have been broken down into smaller quantities so that you know exactly how much you’re consuming within each piece. Chocolates are thus great for microdosing as well as embarking on full blown trips, since you’re getting a pretty accurate barometer of how much you’re ingesting in both scenarios, and thus can have a pulse on the expected corresponding effects.

    Teas: Essentially another form of raw consumption, mushroom teas are made by grinding up the shrooms and then boiling them in water with  added flavorings, such as lemon, cinnamon, etc. With microdosing, you’ll simply want to use a measured amount of the ground up shrooms for your micro concoction.

    How Can I Make My Own Microdoses?

    Making your own microdoses is easy. All you need is a grinder, a scale, and a container to store your psilocybin goodness. First, procure your shrooms – in completely legal ways – either through growing, buying or being gifted shroomy goodness. Then, grind up your mushrooms either into a fine powder or small flakes (for teas) and measure out the desired microdose you’re looking for. Store your individual doses in a cool, dry place at room temperature and then pick a start date for implementing your psilocybin microdosing adventure.


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