Medical marijuana patients protected at work


We know that there are many legitimate reasons why someone needs to have medical marijuana. It could be because of chronic pain, the occasional headache, or simply more developed medical issues. However, there are always problems that are going to occur especially when individuals need to use medical marijuana and go to work.

Massachusetts’ state government has expanded protection especially for those who use medical marijuana. This may be great especially if you are an individual who has a legitimate reason to use medical marijuana and still have to work. Discrimination has always occurred in the workplace. Discrimination unfortunately has always been part of the workplace. People have been discriminated against because of their color skin, gender, or even where they come from.

Protection at the workplace did not include those who had healthcare barriers and hardships and need to use medical marijuana. Thanks to the state legislative body, protection at the workplace has been expanded and provided to everyone including those who have certain health barriers and challenges. Of course, Massachusetts is creating the way in which patients never have to choose between being able to create a healthy lifestyle and going to work. These choices are no longer on the heads of people who need to use medical marijuana.

This is a step forward towards creating a clear and defined way of saying no to discrimination especially against individuals who believe in the power of medical marijuana. With this new step forward, Americans are being protected every day and at the same time receiving the benefits of medical marijuana and protection.

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