Maximizing CBD content in Your Cannabis: Tips for New Growers

Not all CBD strains have the same effects. While lighter CBD strains are often considered as the best way to start consuming weed for medical purposes, they can sometimes be too weak to provide any serious health benefits. Just like any other drug, everybody reacts differently to the effects of CBD; while there are people who just need lighter CBD strains, others need high strains to get the same results.

What are high CBD strains?

By and large, these are strains containing 2 percent (or more) of CBD. They have excellent potent anxiolytic properties. Additionally, they don’t produce the famous mental haziness that’s associated with THC. For many patients, however, the individual percentage of CBD and THC is less important than the ratio between the two. When the ratio between CBD to THC is 1:1, for instance, the effects of THC would be muted but would still be felt. If CBD to THC ratio is increased a bit to 2:1 or 3:1, you may not experience noticeable psychoactive effects.

Maximizing CBD Content

There are certain things which you can do while growing your cannabis to maximize its CBD content, including:

Go For Good Genetic

Weed grown from seed often express a wide range of phenotypes. Just like human siblings, offspring from a cannabis plan can have very different genetic features. Go for plants that have already been lab tested for CBD content. In fact, there are a wide range of seed options in the market that have been cloned to allow you produce high CBD strains at home.

Test Your Samples

If you’re growing your cannabis from seed, get them tested while they are still young to establish whether there are any chances that they will produce high CBD phenotype. Alternatively, you can wait until flowering then consume a little bit to establish the effects of the bud. Although this option is unscientific, if you experience a significant psychoactive high, you can deduce that your strain is possibly producing some THC.

Mix Productive Strains

If you establish that your strain produces CBD, you can use them as mother plants for your future high-CBD clones. By breeding the highest-CBD producing plants together, you will increase the chances of future phenotypes producing high amounts of CBD.

Take Good Care Of Your Plants

Strive to keep your plants healthy and avoid potential problems until you harvest them because sticky plants have been proven to produce lower levels of CBD.

Timely Harvesting

If you are tempted to harvest your plants too early, you are likely to get lower levels of CBD because they won’t have attained the highest levels of cannabinoids yet.

Whether you are new to the cannabis growing world or you are a seasoned grower, it’s worth knowing the CBD to THC ratio when choosing the best strain to grow. This is particular significant for beginners who may be overwhelmed with the sheer variety of cannabis strains in the market today. The above highlighted tips will go a long way in helping you grow high-CBD cannabis.



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