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    Mastering the Art of Dosing Capsules in Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizers: A User’s Guide

    As vape enthusiasts, we’re always on the prowl for new and innovative ways to elevate our experience. One such innovation that has gained popularity is the use of dosing capsules, which provide several advantages when it comes to both dry herbs and wax vaporizers. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of dosing capsules and explore how they can enhance your vaping. We’ll also introduce two exceptional vaporizers, the Linx Eden Switch with dosing capsules and the Linx Blaze with budder cups, designed to take your vaping game to the next level.

    I. The Beauty of Dosing Capsules:

    Dosing capsules have become an invaluable tool for vape users. These small, portable containers allow you to pre-pack your dry herb or wax before your session, offering several benefits.

    Convenience: Dosing capsules enable you to prepare your material in advance. Whether you’re traveling, at home, or on-the-go, having pre-filled capsules simplifies the process.

    Consistency: Dosing capsules ensure a consistent experience each time you vape. No more guessing about the right amount to use; you’ll get the same results every session.

    Easy Cleanup: Capsules keep your vaporizer clean. With the material enclosed within the capsule, there’s less residue and maintenance required for your device.

    Efficiency: Dosing capsules helps to make the most of your material. Every bit of dry herb or wax is used effectively without waste.

    II. Linx Eden Switch with Dosing Capsules:

    Linx Vapor has taken dosing capsules to another level with the Linx Eden Switch. This dry herb vaporizer was designed with the dosing capsules in mind, offering an innovative experience for users. The Linx Eden Switch is built for versatility, allowing you to seamlessly switch between vaped dry herbs and fresh dry herbs.

    Key Features:

    Dosing Capsule Compatibility: The Linx Eden Switch is compatible with the Linx Dosing Capsule Set, allowing easy loading and unloading of dry herbs.

    Hybrid Heating Technology: Experience the best of both worlds with a combination of convection and conduction heating for flavorful, efficient vaporization.

    Glass Air-path: Enjoy pure, clean vapor with a glass air-path that preserves the integrity of your material.

    User-Friendly: The Linx Eden Switch is user-friendly, with a simple interface that puts you in full control of your vaping.

    III. Linx Blaze with Budder Cups:

    For concentrate enthusiasts, the Linx Blaze with budder cups is a game-changer. These small, discreet cups are designed specifically for wax concentrates, making vaping smoother and more efficient.

    Key Features:

    Budder Cup Precision: The Linx Blaze offers precise temperature control to ensure your wax concentrates are vaporized at the perfect temperature, preserving flavor and potency.

    Fast Heating: With rapid heat-up times, the Linx Blaze gets you from preparation to vaping in no time.

    Discreet Design: The small size and discreet design of the budder cups allow for convenient use on-the-go.

    Easy Maintenance: Cleaning the Linx Blaze is a breeze, thanks to the design of the budder cups.


    Dosing capsules have become an indispensable accessory for both dry herbs and wax concentrate users. They offer convenience, consistency, and efficiency to enhance your vaping sessions. The Linx Eden Switch and Linx Blaze, specifically designed for dosing capsules and budder cups, respectively, provide exceptional options for those looking to optimize their vaping experience. Whether you’re a dry herb enthusiast or a concentrate connoisseur, these vaporizers open up new possibilities for an extraordinary vaping life. So, embrace the world of dosing capsules and revolutionize the way you enjoy your favorite past time.


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