Massachusetts Considers Legalizing Cannabis Home Delivery

In Massachusetts, marijuana is considered legal for people 21 and older, however there are limitations to this law. Firstly, cannabis cannot be consumed in public whatsoever. Secondly, at home, you’re allowed to grow about 6 plants per person and keep 10 oz locked away safely. Thirdly, you can have an ounce on you in public, but it would have to be hidden in your trunk or glovebox; however, it is illegal to driver under the influence, just like alcohol. Fourthly and lastly, some of these policies can change depending on your occupation and location.



So, consuming marijuana is legal, but delivering cannabis to one’s home is still on its way to becoming legal in the state of Massachusetts. On Friday, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission voted to take on a list of policies to allow the action of home delivery. Supposedly by next month, there will be a final vote from the commission regarding those policies.



If the final vote is approved, then home delivery for marijuana in Massachusetts would be legal all around except in parts that are ruled by their own governor official that may have banned marijuana sales. Cannabis home delivery would only be allowed to entrepreneurs involved in the commission economic empowerment and social equity programs for at least the first 2 years. So any purchase made to deliver would have to be from a licensed retail dispensary and delivered by an independent business licensed by the state.



The 2 year delivering will only begin once the vote has been approved, and then after 2 years of testing that out, the final decision of whether or not delivering weed to all citizens in Massachusetts will finally be decided and implemented. Making cannabis deliverable to all patients and clients makes medical marijuana easily accessible and will have an important effect on social equity.

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