Marijuana for Medical Professionals #1

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♦ Keynotes

Cannabis and the Future of Drugs – Raphael Mechoulam, PhD

Cannabis in Cancer and Pain Care – Donald Abrams, MD

Cannabinoids & Terpenes in Practice – Mara Gordon

Cannabinoids & Bone Marrow Transplants – Rueven Or, PhD

Cannabis & Cancer Research in Spain – Guillermo Velasco, PhD

Geriatrics and Cannabis Treatments – Inbal Sikorin, RN

Cannabis & Autism Spectrum – Christian Bogner, MD

♦ How Cannabis Works

Cannabis & Pain Psychology – Alan Wiesser, PhD

Cannabis Adverse Reactions and Side Effects – David Bearman, MD

Plant Genetics and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – Jeffery Block, MD

Introduction to CBD-A – Manny Johnson

Introduction to How Hash Oil is Made – Dustin Mahon

Cannabis and Immune System – Joseph Cohen, MD

Marijuana and Psychiatry – Jose A Franceschini, MD

Pregnancy and Geriatrics in Cannabis – Laura Borgelt, PhD

Cannabis as an Herbal Medicine – Deborah Malka, PhD MD

PK of Liposamal Nano Preparations – Chris Shade, PhD

Cannabis & Mental Health – Heather Manus, RN

Poly-pharmacy & the Elderly – Nurse Marci Cooper, RN

Cannabis and Pediatric Epilepsy – Margaret Gedde, MD PhD

♦ Patient Care

Basic Dosing & Titration for New Patients – Martha Montemayor

Consistent Dosing with Cannabis – Greg Smith, MD

Role of Pharmacists in Cannabis Care – Joseph Freidman, R.Ph

Are Dabs Dangerous? – Martha Montemayor

ECS Deficiency – Michele Ross, PhD

Cannabis as part of Integrated Care Plans – Laura Lagano, MS, RDN

♦ Research

Evidence Based Medicine vs. Medical Marijuana – Jack McCue, MD

Pro Sports, Cannabis and the Opiate Epidemic – Belita Nelson,
former DEA

Rodent Lab Studies with Cannabis – Jamie Baumgartner

Children’s Hospital – Kathleen Dorris, MD

Cannabis and Insomnia: National Jewish Hospital – Madeline

Vets & PTSD – Rebecca Matthews

♦ Panels

Who Should Advise Patients? – J. Friedman R.Ph, David from Trill,
Nurse Heather, Dr J. Cohen

♦ Case Studies & Patient Stories

Fibromyalgia & Cannabis Case Study – Teri Robnett

Paralyzed Cannabis Patient Story – Ashley Weber

PTSD Veteran Case Study – Matt Kale

IBS Case Study – Coltyn Turner

Pediatric Epilepsy Patient Case Study – Jennie Storm

♦ Your Practice

Medical Marijuana and Your Medical License – Attorney Robert Corry Esq

The Cannabis and Telemedicine Controversy – Perry Solomon, MD

♦ Legislation & Regulation

Cannabis and the Colorado Legislature – State Rep. Jonathan Singer

Introduction to Lab Testing in CO – Jay Kodah, MS

♦ Other Opportunities & Profiles

Cannabis Science Highlights – Josh Crossney

Education Opportunities in Cannabis – Chloe Vilano

Trill Colorado Dispensary Profile – David Threlfal

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