Marijuana and Diabetes

Since Marijuana is slowly becoming legal in most places, the research of its beneficial abilities has been ongoing and increasing over the past few years. New studies are being looked into everyday about how Cannabis is actually a major advantage in the medical field. Medical Marijuana plays a huge role in treating many patient’s illness, but does Cannabis play a role in treating Diabetes as well?



Diabetes is a disease in which your blood sugar level is too high. There are only 2 types of Diabetes; Type 1 Diabetes, where your body doesn’t make any insulin (a hormone in your body) and Type 2 Diabetes, where the body doesn’t produce or use insulin well. Eventually, having too much glucose (a simple sugar) in your blood will cause a number of complications in the long run; such as, damaging your eyes, nerves, kidneys, causing a stroke, heart disease, or possibly limb amputation. So, can Cannabis treat Diabetes?



Studies have shown that Marijuana can treat Diabetes and possibly even prevent it as well. A study done amongst Cannabis users showed that stoners have lower levels of insulin resistance, lower fasting blood glucose levels, improved insulin production, and obesity tends to be less common as well, which is ironic considering we’ll eat anything when we’re high.



One of the major reasons as to why Cannabis is positively correlated to Diabetes is because Marijuana just so happens to fight inflammation, and inflammation doesn’t only occur in just Diabetes, but in other chronic diseases.The benefits of treating Diabetes with Cannabis are balancing blood sugar, keeping blood vessels open, improve blood circulation, reduce neuropathic pain, muscle cramp relief, gastrointestinal pain relief, decrease in artery inflammation, and CBD can or may protect you from loss of vision.



Of course however with everything in life, there are downfalls in treating your illness with Marijuana. There aren’t major disadvantages when it comes down to it, but the negative side effects are getting the munchies and overeating, substance abuse and overdoing it, interference with other prescribed medications (so always check with your doctor first), delayed reactions in motion or speech, tampered short-term memory or focus, dizziness, breathing problems (marijuana is known to speeding up your heart beat), and state legalization, so make sure it’s legal wherever you are or hide it well.



To sum up, Cannabis in Diabetes research has been developing for a long time as well as other medical diseases associated with Cannabis treatment. Marijuana can most definitely help with Diabetes and can cause a lot of relief to patients. Some patients may not find any beneficial use in it and that’s alright considering it isn’t meant for everyone, however CBD is a whole other affect and can be useful in this case as well. Check with your doctors and do what you feel is best for your situation.

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