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    Making Smoking Devices From Household Items

    You’ve got a nice amount of flower and are just about ready to break it up when you realize one glaring problem: you’ve got nothing to smoke with! Rather than panic, here are a few easy solutions to save your smoke sesh by creating a replacement piece using common household items.

    Water Bottles and Soda Cans

    A bit of an unhealthy option (due to inhaling aluminum and potentially plastic fumes), water bottles and soda cans might not be the best to smoke out of, but chances are there’s at least one of them in your recycling bin or lingering somewhere around your dwelling, making them ideal options given the strong probability of finding them.

    For both, the process in transforming either the plastic or aluminum receptacle into a smoking device is as follows: First, cut a hole in the middle of the bottle or can for your “mouthpiece.” This can be done using scissors, a knife or a pen. On the opposite side, create a smaller hole (your “carb”) using the same method. Next, cover the top of the bottle or can with a thin layer of tin foil, and poke a few small holes in it. You now have your “bowl.” Place your nugs in the makeshift bowl and you’re ready to light up.

    Fruits and Vegetables

    A healthier alternative to bottles and cans are some edible items in your fridge or pantry, namely apples, cucumbers, potatoes or squash. Whichever fruit or vegetable you choose, the process for making a smoking device is more or less the same. Just make sure the insides of said fruit or vegetable are solid.

    For an apple, you’ll first want to remove the stem. Next, take a pen or pencil and push it through the top of the apple at a forty-five degree angle until the writing utensil pops through the side. Blow through the “chamber” to clear any lingering apple particles. You now have your “mouthpiece.” Next, push the pen or pencil through the side of the apple until it pops though to connect with the chamber you just created. Bam! You now have your “carb.” Pile your broken-up buds into the top of the apple (where the stem used to be), which is now your “bowl”), and fire up your apple pipe.

    For potatoes, cucumbers or squash, the same method applies, however there’s no stem to remove at the top. Instead, you’ll want to first scoop a small divot at the top of your fruit or vegetable of choice, and then proceed with the pen/pencil chamber and carb creations.

    Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls

    If you can’t find a bottle or can around your house and fail to have any smoke-worthy fruits or vegetables in stock, your last resort might be an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll. Simply cut a hole toward the end of the cardboard roll and cover with tinfoil, making sure to cover both the hole and the end of the roll. Poke tiny holes in the tinfoil over the hole you created (for your “bowl”) and one hole at the end of the roll for your “carb.” Place your nugs in the makeshift bowl, light it up, and inhale through the open end on the roll. You’ve now successfully smoked out of a toilet paper or paper towel roll.

    Go To The Store

    Don’t be lazy! If stores are still open, why waste time building your own smoking device when you can simply purchase one at your nearest smokeshop/headshop? Big brand drug stores like CVS or Rite Aid might also have a small tobacco pipe or other tobacco paraphernalia that you’ll be able to reappropriate for your smoke sesh fun. Point is, building a smoking device is a last resort. We’d recommend purchasing a real piece before making one if you’re able to, but if you’re in a pinch, if it’s after hours and the stores are closed or if you don’t have reliable transportation to and from a shop, any of the above methods might save the day.


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