Make Edibles With Already Vaped Weed

Everyone likes it when they get more than what they paid for, more so if they paid a lot for it. On this note, did you know that vaped weed could be reused? Yup. I am 100% serious.
The concept behind reusing vaped weed isn’t something out of the ordinary, its simple biology really. The fact is, the cannabinoids including THC vaporize at different temperatures. Also vaporizing cannabis at moderately high temperatures does not combust them but instead bakes them, leaving a lot of THC even after the vaping process. But, a word of caution, if you do vaporize your weed at very high temperatures it does lead to the weed combusting and turning black. Look out for weed that is is between light to dark brown, even after vaporization to ensure it is fit for recycling.
While the process of recycling weed is not rocket science, you would definitely need to do some preparation in advance. But this preparation is worth it. You would need a cooking stove, a saucepan and a spatula for mixing the concoction well. You would also need a cheesecloth and a medium size container. You would also need butter or oil according to your taste and finally, the hero item, the already vaped weed.
Using butter or oil as the infuser has their own set of advantages. Butter is used due to its high fat content and its ability to infuse flavors easily. Butter also makes a tasty additive to many different foods. Butter with high fat content is recommended for infusion as it binds the flavors better. Coconut oil can also be used.
Now comes the best part, that is, the preparation of the cannabis. For that, we need to first weigh half-ounces of the already vaped weed and then put it in a teabag which we will make using cheesecloth. Putting the weed in the cheesecloth will ensure that we would not need to strain post the cooking process. We then place the teabag into an empty saucepan and add ½ cup of butter or oil according to taste. Make sure that the oil or butter is in liquid form for proper infusion of the ingredients. We then stir the mixture until it starts to simmer, on which we let it simmer for 20 minutes, while keeping on stirring from time to time. You can also keep the mixture on low heat for a couple of hours for best taste. After you’re done, remove the weed bag, strain the oil/butter in the container.
That’s it, your concoction is now ready. Now you can use this oil/butter in any way you want with any dish you like. It is great fun to experiment and to find the right combination using this mixture and other ingredients. But keep a track of the amount of mixture you consume as you would not want to get high at the wrong time or take too much! Or maybe you do, that’s your business.

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