How To Make Big Money In The Marijuana Industry

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Think you have to be a horticulturalist to work in the marijuana industry? Think again. The next big financial opportunity is upon us, and her name is cannabis. Not since cars and tobacco has the business world seen a product with both massive excitement and unprecedented growth. Now is the time to crack open the doors to the world of marijuana business. If you play your cards right, you may be in for some major success.

Aside from medical marijuana, the industry has always stayed on the fringes, as a counterculture to mainstream society. The anticipated growth of the market is as exciting as it is surprising, considering it is currently legal for both medical and recreational use in just eight states and the District of Columbia.

This industry can be tough to crack as an outsider, but just like any true business, the cannabis industry needs workers with expertise in a wide range of fields, meaning that your logistics, accounting, HR or marketing background would all be useful. And not to worry if you live outside of those eight states, if you are not actually handling the product (that’s growing, cultivating, baking/cooking and shipping), you can work for a marijuana business from anywhere remotely!

So, what to do if you want to be involved in handling the cannabis plant? A little bit more difficult, but not impossible. Because of the ever-changing regulatory laws, the safest way to get involved is to network with established cannabis businesses instead of trying to start up a business, especially if you do not live in Colorado or Washington, two markets where recreational marijuana is highly regulated and the infrastructure is there to support the businesses.

If you want in on this, a great way to network is to attend industry conferences and get to know the players. Two major conferences that are a good starting point are the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, and the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo. Networking will be key to get involved at any level, and getting in now is the smartest thing to do, outside of investing, which doesn’t require a new career trajectory.

Changing careers at any time can seem like a tough thing to do, even when moving to a fun industry like the cannabis industry.

Big money is starting to realize how lucrative the industry is becoming, and that’s a great sign for anyone interested in being a part of cannabis business. Many business experts predict we will soon see national brands similar alcohol, tobacco and the automobile industries in the coming years for cannabis. As more and more states move towards legalization, the time is now. There is so much opportunity in this industry. If you have a passion, you can enter the industry no matter what your skill set or background might be. Just network, research, and stay driven and you too can make some money in the cannabis industry.

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