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    Luxury Rolls For Special And Everyday Occasions!

    Introducing LUXE ROLLS. Like drinking Cristal, repping Louis Vuitton, or driving a Rolls-Royce, smoking with this luxury line of rolls says everything. 

    Grasshoppa Creatives introduces Luxe Rolls, a line of high-end pre-rolled cones that deliver a “special occasion” eye-catching, Insta-worthy smoking experience that can’t be found anywhere else. The cones and creative “you-fill” packers are made using unique rolling paper fitted with wood and glass mouthpieces. Styles include the $100 Benjamin cone, cigar-shaped cannons, woven patterned gold-and-hemp blunts, and the flagship packable Sword. All handmade. Pure luxury at an amazing value! 

    Created by The Grasshoppa, the only female professional joint roller at the helm of a rolling company. Luxe Rolls were launched in response to consumer demands for a unique “fill your own” roll that you can take anywhere. Put it in your carry-on, travel with it, and pack it when you arrive! The Grasshoppa heard her legions of fans, and created a growing catalog of hand crafted creative rolls, now available worldwide. Poised as the industry leader in custom fillable pre-rolled cones, come see why legacy publications like Forbes, Vice, and High Times Magazine have designated The Grasshoppa as one of the World’s Best Joint Rollers, and Luxe Rolls as the best creative pre-rolled cones around. Prepare to be impressed. 

    About Luxe Rolls 

    Luxe Rolls is a luxury pre-rolled cone company founded and run by female professional creative-roller The Grasshoppa. Luxe Rolls offers a wide range of “you-fill” luxury cones and creative packers including cannons and woven hemp blunts fitted with opulent glass or wood mouthpieces, perfect for special occasions and get-togethers. The leader in creative pre-roll innovation, Luxe Rolls is the only company executing custom pre-rolled cones at scale for wholesale and white-label clients. 

    For more information contact: Grasshoppa (CEO) at or visit the website/social at: / Instagram @luxerolls @thegrasshoppa 


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