Living with HIV: Coping with Cannabis | The Weed Show

One in every four people living with #HIV/AIDS is a woman. In many cases, those women are moms. While there is no cure for the disease, more patients — women included — are turning to cannabis as a way to cope with both symptoms and stigma. Tune in as we’re joined by activist and educator Kecia TheEmpire Johnson who is here to tell us how other HIV-positive women like herself can lead a long, happy life — with weed.

Plus, we’re LIVE with your POT TOPICS from 5/8/17:
– The #cannabiscommunity is mourning the loss of Utah’s Riley Hancey, a 20-year-old man denied a lung #transplant because of trace amounts of cannabis found in his system.
– Last week we reported on a #Federal Bill that aims to protect #medicalmarijuana programs — but it looks like #Trump may find a way around the legislation.
– An insurance company in #Colorado is refusing to defend their client, an edible cannabis company, after a man ingested one of the company’s edibles and then shot his wife to death.
– Marijuana for a better memory? This new study suggests that #THC can actually reverse cognitive decline.
– Check out which southern state showed out for cannabis this weekend and took to the streets to advocate for legal weed.

We’re discussing all that and more, and we’d love for you to join the conversation. Your comments may be featured during the show.

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