Letting Your Clients Judge Marijuana by Its Cover

With marijuana being legal in several states, many people can access edibles for medical and recreational purposes. While the drug has been largely beneficial to the people who use it, others have ended up overdosing or dying because they do not know how to use it properly. As a result, multiple states have drafted laws on packaging and labeling of marijuana edibles to keep everyone safe. Here are some important things to remember regarding marijuana warning labels.

Children are not to access marijuana edibles

There are a variety of marijuana edibles, some closely resembling regular delicacies. It is, therefore, common for underage groups to consume marijuana and harm themselves. To prevent accidents, manufactures are required to put warning labels on them. Specifically, the labels on the packages of edibles must have a legible warning stating that the product should be kept away from children (individuals less than 21 years).

Labels encouraging adults to keep the product away from children will prevent underage individuals from misusing edibles, or accidentally consuming them without completely understanding their effects. In addition to placing this warning label, manufacturers are also required to use child resistant packaging and plain packaging that do not contain characters that are attractive to children.

Buyers should know that they are purchasing

Often times, people simply consume edibles to get high. They might not necessarily understand the effects or health implications of marijuana. Some users consume a lot of edibles because they expect to get high after taking the first bite. But that does not happen because edibles have to be absorbed into the system before feeling the effect. Joints, on the other hand, produce a very quick high. To clarify these differences, laws on labeling marijuana edibles mandate manufacturers to state that the edibles are infused with marijuana and that the effects might be delayed for a couple of hours.

Manufacturers are also expected to provide warnings on health risks that are associated with consuming the edibles for specific groups of people such as pregnant or breastfeeding women. They are also expected to dissuade individuals who have consumed the edibles from using heavy machinery as their judgment might be impaired. Driving after taking a high dosage is also discouraged.

List all ingredients

Marijuana edible labels should also list all ingredients used to prepare the edible marijuana product and explain how to properly store them. This will prevent consumers from suffering from allergic reactions caused by some ingredients. In particular, the manufacturers of edibles are required to put the following on the labels:

  • Statement on required refrigeration of the marijuana edible
  • The standard serving size of the product
  • The edible’s expiration date

Legalization of marijuana is one of the best things to have happened to people in health and recreational industries. The only downside of this is that several individuals, some who know nothing of the drug, can now access it. The best way to ensure that everyone benefits from edibles while keeping safe is to clearly label the product to prevent accidental consumption.





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