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Let’s Get Weird: Smoking With Your Parents

Sometimes in your life, an opportunity to get high with their parents presents itself. Whether it’s your first or fifteenth smoke sesh with your ‘rents, here are a few tips to making sure the peacepipe experience stays peaceful.

Don’t Force It

Regardless if you know for sure that one (or both) of your parents smoke weed, it’s usually a safe play to wait for them to propose burning one down with you. This theory especially holds true if you’re all living under the same roof, as some parents are quite discreet about their usage – and even go to great lengths to hide it from their spouses and other children. It’s a far easier conversation if you’re living on your own and have been existing independently from your parentals, but if you insist on taking the initiative to ask, hopefully your relationship with your parents is one in which the request to get high won’t break any unspoken boundaries and smoking together can prove to be the next incarnation of your relationship together.

Choosing The Right Setting

Smoking with your parents is an experience that can flow in many different directions based on a number of different factors: your pre-existing family dynamic, the type of weed you’re smoking, their – and your – tolerance, and the environment in which you’re getting high. If it’s your first time smoking together, it’s best to “feel each other out” in a comfortable, low stress setting. Some good options that provide such conditions are an outdoor walk or really any type of outdoor lounging. Smoking outside not only keeps you from stinking up your house, but it also prevents any sibling who may not be of age from trying to join in on the fun.

Choosing The Right Strain

If you and your parents are frequent smokers, then stick to your favorite strains, whatever those may be. If this is a “once in a blue moon” situation, when in doubt, go with a Sativa. Better to err on the side of your folks being hyper than on the side of everyone passing out. (Unless you don’t enjoy spending time with your parents, in which case Indica all day). But also, if you don’t enjoy spending time with your parents, why hang out with them at all? Even though they created you, don’t waste precious buds on people who don’t elevate your mind, body or soul.

Choosing The Right Smoking Method

Unless your parents still party like they’re in college and participate in weekend keg stands, you’re probably going to want to stay away from bong rips during your parental bonding time. Joints are safe play as are vapes, but what might really be enjoyable – depending on everyone’s tolerance – are edibles. You could all eat a 10mg gummy at the same time and see what happens. Point is, smoke within the confines of your relationship. If your parents smoke once a year, hitting the six-footer isn’t going to be fun for anyone. Well, maybe for you, but it will be at your parents’ expense. Obviously it comes down to personal preference, but a dosed quantity is usually a great way to ensure you’ll all be relatively on the same weed page.

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