Leafy Things Canada Launch Party

Hi, Tommy Chong here. The following message is a warning. February 22nd I will be in Kingston Ontario, Canada. I will be with all my friends from Leafythings Canada. They will be launching they’re new cannabis directory app. All you will have to do is click and find cannabis service and products ext to you. And you don’t have to worry because they’re all gonna be verified and licensed cannabis providers.

Launch Party

So on the 22nd of February 2020 Leafythings will be hosting a private launch party in Kingston, Ontario. Enjoy a night of celebration of food and drink, entertainment and swag gift bags as well as a chance to meet with Tommy Chong. Tommy is flying in for the event and help celebrate the launch of Canada’s #1 Cannabis Directory!


Who is Tommy Chong? 

 A legend within the cannabis community, Tommy Chong is not only a veteran cannabis activist but also a musician, writer, director, actor and comedian. He has featured in several cult-classic films such as the Cheech and Chong series which he co-starred next to Cheech Marin in the 1970s and ’80s. Tommy Chong is a cannabis business owner and still a prominent personality in the cannabis industry.


The Two Tap Cannabis App!  

 Never be without your favorite cannabis products or services again. The app allows both recreational and therapeutic users of cannabis to easily find verified cannabis providers. The cannabis directory provides companies that provide a wide range of delivery services, dispensaries doctors, and cannabis products located near you. Leafythings also offers a host of resources online around the legalization of cannabis in Canada, medicinal information and the ability to connect to licensing information. So you can grow and sell your own!

Built and designed by cannabis business owners for cannabis business owners. This is a great way to promote your cannabis business services to a growing customer base. Get your business listed in their database and open up to new clients in your specified area. The apps user experience is excellent and unmatched. Users are easily able to connect via our app directly to your business and all customer reviews are verified.

Leafythings has developed the cannabis directory for Canadian companies to easily list their businesses products and services. Furthermore, the app is easy to use for both businesses and cannabis consumers. Both businesses and consumers are vetted and verified allowing quality control from both sides. The result is a great customer experience and easy to find cannabis business who provide quality cannabis products.

The app is already live and if you download it you will have a chance to win pretty cool prizes. Stand a chance to win a trip to Vancouver during April 2020, or tickets to the VIP launch party on the 22nd of February. Keep an eye out for the cash prizes too. Enter now for a chance to win one of 10 pairs of passes to this exclusive party with Leafythings Canada.

So you know when you are using the app, you’re gonna get the best cannabis products. Aye! And another bonus! Its Canadian owned and operated. Aye! So click on the link below for a chance to attend the VIP event. Come on out and hang out with me and all my friends from Leafythings in Canada. But you must be 19 or over to get in. Ok, I will see you there.