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    Labor Day Gift Guide

    Labor Day makes a perfect day to reward your hard working employees with holidays and gifts. What better way to celebrate than with some of our favorite cannabis products.


    The Brand: At Delta Extrax, we strive to create the products from the best Delta 8 THC and other Hemp derived THC. Our hope is that our Delta 8, 9 and 10 THC products allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. We offer all natural, plant based Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O, THCP, and other Hemp derived cannabinoids that are crafted and designed with our community in mind. Shop today and you can start to experience the higher standard!

    Gummies: Delta Extrax introduces our Tropical Punch Premium Delta 10 THC Gummies as part of our Euphorica Collection. These little guys pack a punch and leave you with both cerebral focus and an ultimate body high.  At 40mg per gummy, these are perfect for use at any time of day. Take a gummy before bed or eat one to get your morning started for the ultimate addition to any day.

    You’ll enjoy the well balanced blend of Delta 8 THC that has been enriched with Delta 10 THC. The sweet tropical punch flavor is enhanced with the natural hemp oil that we use to create a unique experience.

    Shop Delta Extrax:


    The Brand: Black Tie CBD launched it’s way to the top of the Hemp Flower industry in early 2019 after taking 2nd place for Best CBD Flower in the HIGHTIMES – High Desert Dope Cup in Southern California. Finishing second to BReal’s cannabis company Elite Genetics, Black Tie CBD entered 50 state legal industrial hemp while the competition was using actual marijuana strains with high CBD content. Since, Black Tie has been featured in many HIGHTIMES Magazine publications and has won several awards from various organizations for Hemp Flowers and other hemp-derived products such as Afghani Hash and Vape Carts! What you get with Black Tie is extreme value. The quality is superior, the consistency of product is meticulous, pricing is industry leading and the customer service is 5-star.

    High-Resin Hemp Flower: Black Tie produces roughly 80% of the Flowers that are offered on BlackTieCBD.Net, on 5 different properties combining for nearly 200 acres of production. BT specializes in mass producing High-Resin Hemp Flowers. The majority of the flowers contain 15-28% CBD and have a terpene level of 1-4%. In addition, the flowers are organically grown, with love. The owners have a combined growing experience of 40+ years, so you know the flowers are done right.

    Shop High-Resin Hemp Flowers:  CBD Flower for Sale | Buy CBD Hemp Flower | Black Tie CBD


    The Brand: Established in 2019 Matriarch set out to create beautifully crafted products to the highest of standards. Elevating the experience of all cannabis enthusiasts. We aim to provide long lasting impressions from purchase to the utilization of our timeless collection pieces.

    Tray: A toke is no longer something you sneak in your attic to avoid the disdain of your neighbors. It’s something to celebrate; a living room sacrament to share with those you hold dear. And what’s a sacrament without the elaborate accoutrements to elevate the ceremony? For the church, we have the chalice, the altar, the cracker tray, etc. For herbal inhalation, we have Matriarch’s new offerings, an assortment of accessory trays made from North Carolina-sourced black walnut. Classy enough to transform any common sesh into a ritual the pope would envy.

    Shop Matriarch


    The Brand: In 2018, a group of friends from Chicago set out to create shades that would compliment our active lifestyles and love for cannabis. What we came up with was ViceRays – the world’s first sunglasses designed with hidden storage chambers to carry joints.  ViceRays is more than just a brand name, it’s a vibe. That’s why our motto is “made for the ride” – we’re proud that ViceRays enhance our customers’ best memories when they are outdoors and enjoying life in the open.

    Sunglasses: ViceRays are the world’s first patented sunglasses with hidden storage chambers to carry joints. This allows for a very convenient and discreet way to travel with your flower. Both of the detachable sunglass arms carry a half gram joint, and are perfect for people who live life on the go; whether that be exploring nature, going to the beach, concerts, or just an afternoon out. Sunglasses are one of those things that are always with us! Visit us on IG @vice_rays

    Shop Vice Rays:



    Brand: The Kind Pen is a New Jersey-based vape pen company that has quickly become one of the worlds most trusted brands in the industry. These Kind Pen vaporizers are innovative and offer an effective, cutting edge, delivery system that makes us one of the best vape pens for weed, hemp, hash and CBD and other vapeable products. Our vape pens are an affordable alternative to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs. We believe our products have the perfect balance of potency with discreet portability, which is just part of what makes them the best vapes for weed, CBD, and hemp. With five clicks and a deep breath, we’re helping people taste the world in a wonderful, new way.

    Vape: The Jiggy 3 in 1 vape pen comes with an easy-to-use straw that lets you dip into your wax and take a hit with no need for preloading. Of course, for more flavorful hits, we’ve included a quartz atomizer with quartz coils that easily fits once you remove the straw. And, if you’re into e-liquid vaping, you’re in luck as the Jiggy is a multi-use vape pen compatible with all standard Ccell 510-threaded tanks!

    Gift The Jiggy:


    The Brand: HIGH. No gimmicks, no games, no BS. What you see is what you get … which is HIGH. We don’t need to sugarcoat or sell you on what HIGH is or has to offer, because you already know. It speaks for itself. Grown for one purpose: for the HIGH.

    Cherry Punch (3.5g): Introducing the Cherry Punch strain (indica) by HIGH. The result of Cherry AK47 crossed with Purple Punch, this strain offers a cerebral high perfectly accompanied by a light body high. Cherry punch is the perfect antidote for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Its scent is sweet skunkiness while its look is minty green enhanced by deep purple undertones, gorgeous orange hairs, and a thick coating of trichomes.

    Shop Cherry Punch:


    The Brand: Cannador® is a premium storage brand that focuses on functional design and balanced humidity for the home. We know how important freshness and taste are for your top shelf collection. Our goal is to maintain your collection’s quality while surrounded by a sustainably crafted product.

    The 4-Strain Cannador: (with nook) is a great product for the strain conscious connoisseur who likes to keep smaller amounts of cannabis separated and fresh with glass cups that contain adjustable ventilated lids to be used as a humidor or airtight lids if you wish to use as a regular stashbox. You can store up to one ounce (or 2 ounces ground) in this beautifully crafted humidor in mahogany veneer. With a double-fitted rim, you can rest assured that no smell will leak. Each glass cup fits 1/4 oz (or up to 1/2 oz ground). The nook can fit your accouterments like a grinder or vape. This comes with a lock and key, so you can keep your contents safe.

    Shop Cannador:


    The Brand: Shattered Thoughts is a Michigan based processing company that began when the market was still developing. We noticed the products available at the time, and wanted to be able to offer patients trusted, consistent and tasty products. As a company built from college students who were consumers ourselves, we developed our edible line from a strong understanding of the cannabis community. We continue to strive to be an integrated part of the community and offer products and services that individuals are glad to have access to.

    Edibles: While our staple product line is our handcrafted, multi-flavor, multi-variety packs of gummies, our new proudest creation is our edible cookie dough line. It’s a product that’s shelf stable, and safe to eat directly out of the container. A major highlight of the cookie dough is that it’s our first vegan product line that contains no eggs, butter, or any dairy at all. With a smooth, creamy texture and delectable flavors, our cookie dough is a unique product that was created in-house.

    Shop Shattered Thoughts: Shattered Thoughts (@shattered.thoughts.medibles) • Instagram photos and videos



    Brand: Driven by an increasingly stale industry rife with the lack of a truly well thought and all encompassing dry herb vaporizing experience, Zeus Arsenal strives to break the boundaries with its meticulously engineered lineup of vaporizers designed from the ground up. Each Zeus dry herb vaporizer is geared towards the needs of the end-user in mind and seeks to address the most common ailments that put a hamper on the everyday connoisseur’s vaping session. Manufactured with durability, reliability, and peak performance in mind, Zeus vaporizers seek to deliver a fresh take on what many consider to be great devices in this day and age.

    Zeus Arc GT: Packing a powerful 3500mAh battery within it’s light-weight alloy frame, the Zeus Arc GT is geared to provide a long-lasting and portable dry herb vaping experience that doesn’t cut on corners. From it’s upgradeable firmware that allows sessions to be tailor-fit to the needs and preferences of the user, to the simple yet effective haptic feedback that notifies when the device is ready to be used with nary a cursory glance; The Zeus Arc GT is a behemoth in vaping horsepower that manages to remain compact and easy to use and maintain despite its cutting edge German engineering and construction. Ever wondered what an all-gold vapor chamber and pathway feels like? Try the Zeus Arc GTout yourself to see the difference that gold can make!

    The Brand: With many years of experience, Pure Hemp CBD prides itself on providing top quality products at the most competitive prices on the market. Pure Hemp CBD ‘s team is committed to being ahead of the newest trends in the industry while maintaining the highest quality ingredients.
    Delta-8 Gummies: Cloud nine? More like cloud eight. Our brand new Delta-8 gummies are chewy, tasty, and tough to share with others. Experience the expert-formulated mellowing effects of Delta-8 in every bite. Available in 30 count and 60 count. The latest addition to our cannabinoid products features Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8). Although Delta-8 can demonstrate psychotropic properties, we test all our products to make sure they do not have Delta-9 THC concentrations that exceed the legal limit of 0.3%.
    Shop Delta-8 Gummies:



    The Brand: PURI5 Vapor Technology, The Art of Vaporization, EST. 2013. Through our extensive resourceful research, we design, modify, innovate, and perfect the finest herbal vaporizers to offer our clients at a bargain price. Our mission is to produce the best dry herb vaporizers to promote a cleaner and a healthier lifestyle, we stand behind our products like no others, it’s our commitment and dedication to our brand and to service our clients. The R&D on our vaping technology and its improvement will continue as we grow in demand. We will never stop to learn from your feedback, so we encourage you to write about your experience with our products. We take the time to test our products so that they are efficient and of the highest quality in vaping performance.

    Vape:  Designed for vape aficionados by vape aficionados, the Magnum 3 is a beautiful convection-style vaporizer with a generous herb chamber that can hold more than a half-gram of material, built with the highest components a vaporizer can have. The Magnum 3 is the ultimate version of the Magnum that’s ever built, a vaporizer connoisseur’s vision became a reality.

    Shop Puri5:



    The Brand: Wave Rider Nursery is surfing’s premium Cannabis Brand.  Started by a group of friends in a backyard during the days of california 215, Wave RIder now operates out of a 6 acres state-of -the -art greenhouse facility in Monterey county.  With lifetime’s worth of experience and a passion for cultivating high quality cannabis ,Wave Rider is proud to offer unique power packed flower at a fair price.

    Flower: Our one 1/8th jars are available statewide and always fresh!  At Wave Rider Nursery we take pride in the fact that we harvest 365 days a year and provide our customers with fresh flower year round.



    The Hemper Box: The Hemper Box is chock full of goodies that you can send directly to the door of someone special. September’s box features a Volcano Themed Rig, Limited Edition Krimsonite Cleaner, orb cones, Hemper Tech Snap cap Alcohol Swabs and other premium accessories like tips, bangers and more. Hemper makes it happen with their epic subscription boxes. The innovative online headshot, known for its unmatched selection of glass, works tirelessly to bring customers what’s best and what’s next when it comes to cannabis accessories. One size does not fit all so if your looking for more then there monthly box that comes packed with 10+ items with a total value of more then $125, but you only pay $39.99 you can update to there XL Box. There XL box comes with a value of over $200 with a double up extra large bong 11’+ at times with 15+ accessory items for just a cost of $150. Check them out now.
    Shop The Hemper Box:


    Brand: The credo followed by Utillian is giving customers the results they want with as little effort and input as humanly possible. Crafted with simplicity in mind, Utillian vaporizers provide worry-free sessions with their straightforward setup and operation. They offer a wide range of vaporizers that offer value for consumers no matter how much they are able to spend. Each Utillian vaporizer ensures a solid vapor experience, from first draw to last, without breaking the bank.

    Utillian 5: The Utillian 5 provides a no compromise wax session with its massive black ceramic-based coils and long lasting 1050mAh battery. This wax pen manages to provide a reliably hard-hitting inhale that can be customized according to the users requirements with the onboard voltage control. The Utillian 5 features none of the downsides of its smaller wax pen cousins while still managing to remain conveniently compact and portable making it an ideal everyday carry for any wax user.

    Shop Utillian 5:


    The Brand: We are a group of well-traveled businesspeople who are in an incredible never-ending journey of learning and discovery. We are passionate about finding and creating pieces of art that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. It all started when we found the tendu pre-roll. From there, our passion ignited, and our eagerness to refine the lives of smokers, has only increased.

    Pre-Roll: The Silver Kiss Pre-Roll is like no other pre-roll because it takes you to a new level of wellness and sophistication. Each Kiss is made with superior quality Tendu leaves which come from the forests in Asia which are wrapped with hand pummeled 99% pure silver- no chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or nicotine and the filter is made of corn husk which enhances the taste to experience perfection! This not only gives it exceptional beauty and sophistication but also one gets the added advantages of antioxidant benefits of pure Silver.

    Shop The Silver Kiss Pre-Roll:


    Tank Glass: Tank Glass is proudly blown in Los Angeles, California. Our primary focus is crafting highly durable and functional beakers that can be in your arsenal for years to come.

    Tank Beaker: You’ve asked and we delivered. This is our largest Tank Beaker to date standing at a massive 18 inches tall. Prepare your lungs for the Tank MAX! Crafted for durability and function, this is the beaker that stays in your arsenal for years. Comes with a free MAX downstem and a free bowl. Tank Lifetime Warranty included with purchase.

    • American Blown 9mm Reinforced Glass
    • Ring Ice-Catcher
    • Uber Thick Tank Joint
    • 18 Inches Tall
    • FREE 14mm Tank Bowl
      FREE Max Glass Downstem



    The Brand: Traditional ROOTS with a California Vibe. Industrial Hemp DUMPED in kief.  We’re Farmers and we’re really good at growing Industrial Hemp. It’s really that simple. We’ve farmed the beautiful land of California since the early 1970’s. With over 50 years of combined farming experience, we’ve grown everything from Alfalfa to Watermelon and about 20 additional crops in between.  Our precious water flows from the Sierra Nevada’s which allows us to grow in a Mediterranean dry climate on top of soil that is some of the best in the country.  Our “Farm to You” model allows you to enjoy some of the freshest Industrial Hemp on the market.  It literally comes straight from our farm directly to your mailbox.

    Flower: Unique is what we are.  It’s hard to be different in a market full over similarities, but we think we’ve found our Niche.  We offer Industrial Hemp Flower in 5g; 9g and 18g sizes, but our flower isn’t the same- IT’S COVERERED IN KIEF.  We want you to have “a little extra” at the end of each jar.  Our 80mg bathbombs are the perfect night cap to a looooong day.  Oh ya, we also provide Tea and Coffee that fit right into your Keurig Machine.   BOMB!

    Shop Serenity Hemp Farms:


    The Brand: Session Goods, a small lifestyle brand creating modern pieces that feel more like home goods than paraphernalia, believe that moments of pleasure and indulgence should be celebrated in a beautiful way. Session’s big picture vision is to inspire indulgence through permissible vices, creating an experience that helps keep people in the moment longer. Their products are beautiful, simple, and unapologetically simple. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed with the highest quality materials and sets of features that will delight every type of smoker. Session thinks your leisure should be lit and that you should always take your pleasure seriously.

    Session Bong: From the tapered form and the angled mouthpiece to the way it feels in your hands to the sound it makes when you set it down, this designer bong is meant to seamlessly fit into your life and your home. Made of high-quality 4mm thick, borosilicate glass, this piece features an angled mouthpiece and a molded indent for an ergonomic grip that also tucks away the bowl and downstem. The silicone footer which can be purchased in 6 colors, protects the glass from damage, hides unsightly water, and indicates the recommended water line for the perfect hit. Two different bowls and an extra downstem are always included in case of those inevitable accidents.

    Shop Session Goods:


    The Brand: With over 20 strains sourced from 12 small farms, we bring you the best CBD hemp flower with unique CBD rich strains and a wide selection of terpene profiles. All of our hemp strains have been bred to have the highest CBD to THC ratios allowed by the FDA. Whether you want to grind and roll your CBD buds and joints or smoke them from a bowl, our CBG and CBD flowers have the potency and flavors you’ll love. Many people know Plain Jane for our CBD cigarettes, but some users prefer to handle the hemp flower on their own. Whatever your preferences, you can rest assured knowing that all of our CBD flower products are grown with sustainable farming, greenhouse, and cultivation methods with no use of unnatural chemicals. We take pride in our brand and stand behind our products. Whether you’re shopping for a CBD vape, CBD gummies, tinctures, oil, or CBD bud, we’re certain no other brand will beat our high-quality hemp and CBD products, fast delivery, and great prices.

    Delta-8 Hemp Rolls: Delicious, chill, burn evenly, blacked full and well! Plain Jane always has quality products and beautiful presentation.

    Shop Plain Jane:



    Brand: Cannavative grows in a boutique pod environment, to ensure the full expression of terpenes in each one of our cultivars. We are proud to supply our customers with consistent, clean, cannabis.

    Resin: Enjoy a discrete method of consumption with Resin8 Cartridges by Cannavative. We fill these cartridges full of .8 grams of distillate, and make them extra potent, and economically priced. We didin’t want to break your bank account, but we did want to provide you with a smooth, full cloud experience on every exhale. With flavors like Blueberry and Melon Balls, these cartridges will be sure to please even the new to cannabis consumer. Resin8: Full in Potency, Low in Price.

    Shop Cannavative:



    The Brand: Aptus Plant Tech USA provides end users access to the highest quality commercially researched agricultural technologies in the world. Nations across the earth are experiencing the negative effects of decades of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide usage. Aptus technologies are actively developed in an effort to fix these problems short and long term by creating highly available, effective forms of plant nutrients.

    Products: As the flagship of the Aptus Premium Series product lineup, Fasilitor is the original silicic acid product combining GMP certified manufacturing and industry leading concentration into a pure, fast acting, and exclusive formula. Fasilitor provides plant-available silica as needed across the vegetative, flowering, and fruiting phases of plant growth. Supplementing with plant available silica helps to grow thicker cell walls within your plants. Benefits include promoting upright stature, solid stems & branches, and resistance to high temperature environments by reducing transpiration or loss of water due to evaporation.

    Shop Aptus:



    The Brand: Big Island Grown is Hawaii’s premier cannabis company. Growing indoor, craft cannabis sustainably through the power of solar panels and a hydroelectric turbine while nourishing all their plants with Mauna Kea-fed spring water, this vertically integrated company is rolling out premium flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals that are all packed with Aloha!

    The Gear: The Normalize Plant Medicine campaign was launched to encourage people to grow and share the plants that heal us, that teach us, that ground us, and that connect us to our roots. Humans have known plants to be medicine for thousands of years, and it is time to make it common knowledge again. This collection of comfortable tees, tanks, crewnecks and hoodies makes it clear that you agree that it’s long overdue to not just decriminalize or legalize healing plants, but to normalize plant medicines in modern culture.   #normalizeplantmedicine

    Shop Big Island Grown Gear: @bigislandgrowngear


    The Brand: Koi’s mission is to create the standard of quality for CBD lovers all over. We source our hemp extract through a strict vendor validation process. All products are infused with USA grown hemp, which enables us to provide the finest and most consistent CBD oil on the market today.

    CBD Gummies: Koi Complete Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are made with 500 mg CBD and 100 mg Delta-9 THC per container. Perfect day or night, these gummies provide the support you seek from CBD, with a stronger entourage effect from Delta-9 THC and minor cannabinoids.

    Shop Koi:


    Brand: A company created for the sole purpose of quality focus by an Asthmatic individual. Acknowledging the importance of ones lungs and the desire to consume a superb product. This individual turned to years of research backed by superior companies in the vape industry. Put it all together to manifest a cartridge safe enough for him and he’s loved ones to consume. Slowly but surely , friends caught on and a strong chain reaction occurred structuring and growing the solid company, Royal Extracts.

    Product: Royal Extracts , powered by Ccell technology. Authentic Gold plated Ccell cartridges for top tier performance. Potency at its greatest. No dangerous additives such as Vitamin E / acetate. Lab tested terpenes for optimized flavored strains and worry free consumption.

    Gift Royal Extracts:


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