Iowa’s New CBD program starts soon – but there are no suppliers ready

Finally, after years of trying to convince Iowa lawmakers that CBD is different from THC, the Iowa senate finally voted to approve the sale and use of CBD oil for those with painful conditions that could benefit. Conditions include epilepsy, chrons disease, cancer, HIV, and any other life-threatening condition with pain. This was a victory for marijuana activists everywhere, but the victory celebration was short lived. The problem with these limited use medical marijuana and medical oil laws is that they are so limited that it is almost impossible to get it.
Without opening up laws to allow business to cultivate it within the state, and without letting doctors talk about it or prescribe it, this is not really much of a win. In Tennessee, CBD oil became legal at a limited level for those with uncontrollable seizures. But the bill was so limited that it is impossible to get CBD legally in the state of Tennessee, if you want to follow all the state laws. This is becoming a trend in more conservative states where they want to pass a law related to medical cannabis to please voters but still please their donors by making it hard – if not impossible to get.
This law is also facing other problems, and they involve money. Many CBD manufacturers cannot put up the fight to get it made in Iowa due to heavy fees. Also, with a limited law such as this, the profit is just not there. Only 6000 people are expected to enroll in this program. These are all people who need CBD to improve the quality of life. If we really want chronically ill patients to get decent access to CBD, we need to stop passing limited laws like this one in Iowa. These laws barely do any good. In order for quality medical products to be produced, laws need to be opened up to allow businesses to cultivate and manufacture these products on a larger scale. This is the only way.
In Minnesota, a law just like this was passed two years ago and businesses have not seen any profit. Many CBD manufacturers are looking at this state and seeing that the population is larger than that in Iowa. Meaning, that they probably will not see a profit there either.
In order to follow state and federal laws, you cannot get CBD from another state where medical marijuana or CBD is legal. Iowa borders Illinois, where medical marijuana and CBD oil are legal.
Lets stop passing limited use laws like this one. If you really want to help chronically ill people get access to medical cannabis products, medical marijuana needs to be made legal in that state. This will open up profit margins as there are many others who can benefit from medical marijuana products, including people with anxiety and depression – which are never covered in limited laws like this one in Iowa. CBD can help those who are not chronically ill as well. In order to make the demand to be profitable, state laws need to allow CBD or medical marijuana for everyone.

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