Investing in Cannabis Is the Next Big Thing

Diversifying your investments is always a good recommendation, and now it’s time to add another rising star in the market to your portfolio. Diamond CBD, a subsidiary of PotNetworks Holding Corporation, is a steadily growing company focused on research and premier products. PotNetworks Holding (POTN) has a variety of subsidiaries under its belt, but the one that has investors intrigued and excited? Diamond CBD.
Diamond’s focus is in research and development, production and sales of premium hemp extract products using cannabidiol, which is derived from hemp. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is uniquely desired in the marijuana marketplace because unlike THC, which provides the psychoactive euphoria and ‘high’, CBD is a prominent active ingredient in cannabis that has medicinal benefits but does not have a psychoactive component. This is a very significant and important distinction, as those who were previously and currently are objected to investing in cannabis because of ethical concerns may be alleviated and even encouraged to learn that CBD products have very promising medicinal benefits, which can be used for pain management, migraines and chronic headaches, anxiety, and many others, but all without the psychoactive effects that THC can cause. This is great news for investors, as marijuana has a continuously expanding product portfolio that faces increasing demand.
Diamond CBD diversifies its offerings by selling not only retail, but also selling its medicinal products to physicians, clinics, such as pain management clinics, and other medical facilities. This is a great business plan, as medical products and medicine sales are very stable and tend to hold their value, despite fluctuations in the economy. Because Diamond CBD has a large research and development focus, they are always looking for improvements to their existing offerings and are looking to development additional uses for the CBD extract. This focus on continuous improvement and development is very encouraging for current and potential investors, as seemingly overnight Diamond CBD’s stock could raise significantly, due to the development of a breakthrough product.
The use of cannabis concentrate has become increasingly popular in the industry, which can be seen in the popularity of ‘dabbing’, which is a way for users to receive a more intense and immediate effect, which leads to very quick pain relief which the need to consume or smoke a large amount of marijuana. Diamond CBD has had one of their most popular products, a stress-relieving CBD-infused gummy candy, a la gummy bears, called ‘Chill Gummies’, advertised in leading cannabis industry magazines, which suggests that the company is making sharp business decisions that lend interest, confidence, and excitement for their products. The company’s first quarter financials for 2017 were $1.85 million, which exceeded the total year profits for 2016, which were $1.66 million. This type of explosive growth and demand means that retailers and clinics literally cannot keep up with the demand. This bodes very well for Diamond CBD, and investors who got in as quickly as they could.

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