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    Introducing the Revolver from H7


    H7 Hydro-Fidelity is first and foremost an innovative hydroponic brand for those passionate about having the most capabilities for achieving amazing results! Our name, Fidelity, and its core definition describe many of the values that H7 brings to the premium hydroponic industry! We are overly excited to see what users can accomplish with the feature set the H7 Revolver architecture offers! We are a blue ocean company and Revolver is unique and the first of its kind. We are beyond proud of it.


    Thank you for reading and giving the H7 Revolver a chance to make your future shopping list! You can see it next at CannaCon in Detroit, Michigan for our homecoming on July 22nd and 23rd. We will be with our special guest and partner Fresh Coast Seed Co. with the hottest genetics on the planet and the only Michigan Mitten Logo representing Revolver! We will have sponsor gear from our partners Deadpanhead and Rebel Grown out of Humboldt County, as well, as they flex their support in H7 & Revolver.  We will then follow up in Las Vegas at MJBizCon from November 15th-18th to show the Cannabis world our vision!


    We are currently seeking investors and partners who share our vision and would like to be part of the H7 vast ocean of potential! Please contact to discuss!


    The Revolver (pat. pending) is a DWC, VRDWC, RDWC and Aeroponic system combined! It also has Ebb & Flow functionality! Revolver includes industry-first dual water chambers stacked vertically for optimum plant positioning, growth technique, and large plant production!

    Revolver offers both residential and commercial agricultural hydroponic applications and scales from a single unit up to hundreds! The Revolver is designed around a 4’x4’ or 5’x5’ footprint at 6-12 plants for optimum use.

    Revolver’s advanced architecture allows growing from seed to final fruit, vegetable, or flower without the use of a medium! Never before have results been so easy, consistent, and expedited due to the sheer amount of available feeding techniques and crop steering capabilities! Revolver allows unprecedented access space to plant roots and internal service, not to mention plants can be individually removed at late stages and once complete.


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