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    Introducing GAGS: The Innovative Cordless Desktop E-Rig by The Kind Pen

    Discover GAGS, the latest innovation from The Kind Pen, revolutionizing the world of desktop-style vaporizers for wax and oil enthusiasts. Offering unparalleled convenience, versatility, and voluminous vapor clouds, GAGS is set to redefine your at-home vaping experience with its unique cordless design. Let’s delve into what makes the GAGS Cordless Desktop E-Rig stand out from the crowd.

    A New Twist on Desktop Vaporizers While The Kind Pen is renowned for its exceptional handheld vape pens, GAGS takes their expertise to new heights. GAGS is a powerhouse designed to accommodate both oil cartridges and concentrates, catering to a diverse range of users. Yet, what truly distinguishes GAGS is its innovative design and user-centric approach.

    User-Friendly and Easy Maintenance GAGS is engineered to be user-friendly and easy to upkeep. This desktop vaporizer features a standalone battery base boasting a robust 1600mAh capacity and a standard 510-thread connection, ensuring compatibility with most oil cartridges on the market. However, it’s the unique features that set GAGS apart:

    • Ceramic Disk Atomizer: Delivering pure, clean hits with concentrates.
    • Triple Quartz Rod Coil: Perfect for connoisseurs savoring the full flavor of their concentrates.

    The Real Twist: Dome-Like Collection Bowl The standout feature of GAGS is its dome-like collection bowl, a significant departure from traditional designs. This innovative element captures substantial vapor clouds for direct inhalation, eliminating the need for balloons or whips, and offering a hassle-free vaping experience.

    Ideal for Group Sessions GAGS is tailor-made for group sessions, with its detachable bowl allowing seamless sharing among friends. Bid farewell to tangled cords and awkward sharing moments; GAGS ensures a smooth, communal vaping experience.

    Cordless Convenience Despite its desktop-style design, GAGS is cordless, making it portable enough to slip into a backpack for on-the-go vaping. Handle the glass bowl with care, and rest assured, with The Kind Pen’s lifetime warranty, any mishaps are swiftly taken care of.

    Specifications and Inclusions

    • Battery Dimensions: Base diameter approximately 4.3″, height 2.3″
    • GAGS Bowl Dimensions: Base diameter approximately 2.3″, height 6″
    • Battery Capacity: Powerful 1600mAh
    • Temperature Settings: Four options – 2.5V, 3V, 3.5V, and 4V
    • Versatile Compatibility: Works with oil cartridges and concentrates, including wax, shatter, and budder.
    • Flavorful Hits: Enjoy clean, flavorful hits without any burnt taste.
    • Single Hit and Session Modes: Choose between single hits or continuous vaporization.
    • Single-Button Operation: Simple and intuitive, with easy temperature adjustment and session activation.
    • Massive Vapor Capacity: The glass bowl delivers impressive vapor clouds.
    • Universal Compatibility: 510-thread compatible, it works with all oil cartridges currently available.
    • Fast Charging: USB-C fast-charging takes just 2 hours for a full battery.

    Included in the GAGS Package:

    • 1X 1600mAh GAGS battery
    • 1X GAGS domed vapor collection bowl
    • 1X Triple quartz rod atomizer
    • 1X Ceramic disc atomizer
    • 1X USB-C charger
    • 1X Cleaning brush
    • 1X Packing tool
    • 1X User manual
    • 5X Cleaning Q-tips

    Covered by The Kind Pen’s Lifetime Warranty Like all products from The Kind Pen, the GAGS Cordless Desktop E-Rig is backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind and support for all users, no matter what.

    Experience the GAGS Difference Today Elevate your at-home vaping experience with The Kind Pen’s GAGS Cordless Desktop E-Rig. It’s not just about vapor clouds; it’s about convenience, innovation, and versatility. Say hello to cordless desktop vaping with GAGS and make your group sessions more enjoyable and hassle-free. Learn more on their website and follow them on Instagram for the latest updates!


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