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    Interview With Grampapi

    What does Grampapi mean? Where does the word come from and what does it represent?

    We want to bring the vibe of duality to the word “GRAM” in terms of measurements and being online combined with “PAPI” universally known as daddy.  The words together create”GRAMPAPI” which embodies being a big part of today’s enterprising growth in the thriving cannabis culture – both digitally and in the streets.

    What cultures does Grampapi want to influence?

    The Grampapi community thrives and influences each other – we are influenced by skate, surf, Rasta, hip-hop and the cannabis industry and influence within the revolution of the Herbin Culture. We are lucky our home base is Southern California and we get to  first hand experience the growth and changes California creates for the Cannabis industry worldwide – we like to call this “The Herbin Culture”. 


    What are some brands that have influenced Grampapi.

    HUF, Stussy, Morgan Heritage, Marley, Third World, The Hundreds, LRG 


    How was Grandpapi created?

    Grampapi was created during the pandemic of 2020 in Long Beach, California. We saw many industries affected in good ways and bad – It was a time for reflection and repositioning. “The Herbin Culture” in LA was already thriving but the pandemic took it to new heights with dispensaries being essential businesses. Cannabis helped many communities prosper and also helped people reflect and reconnect to the irie lifestyle. In honor of the growth, success and future developments in the Herbin Irie Lifestyle Founder Josh Johnson created Grampapi.


    Name an artist Grampapi is inspired by.

    The leader of the Irie Lifestyle – Bob Marley.

    Grampapi Language

    • “IRIE” – all that represents the “feel good” lifestyle. Our motto is “Elevate Your IRIE”
    • “Dank You” –  to always have gratitude.
    • “Danksta” – an advocate for The Herbin Culture


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