Innovative Curing Methods To Save Time, Effort And Space

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Interested in learning alternative curing methods for your beloved cannabis? Do you wonder if water curing will affect the quality of your product?
Today we want to take a look at three alternative curing methods you can employ right away in producing your cannabis crops to save effort, space and time.
Of course, you understand the importance of curing, just as the aging process is fundamental to making smooth, tasty bourbon, so is curing for delivering high-quality cannabis that looks, smells, and tastes fabulous.
The conventional method of using slow-drying process is giving way to alternative curing methods, which are being widely accepted, due to their ability to save effort, space and time.
Check out our list of innovative alternative curing process:
1. Dry-Ice Curing
This method involves the use of dry-ice to draw out the water molecules from the flowers. It aims to avoid the use of heat and light which could cause damage to the flower cells.
To cure cannabis using frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), here are the steps to take:
  • Use a container that can contain an equal volume of dry-ice and slightly dried cannabis flowers.
  • Load the dry-ice first at the bottom of the container.
  • Pile flowers on top of the ice.
  • Cover the container with perforated lid to allow gas to escape
  • Leave for the next 24 - 48 hours to allow the dry-ice draw out water from the flowers
  • Periodically check the flower and add more CO2 as may be needed.
Continue till the flowers are completely dry and you have for yourself cured sweet buds.
2. Water Curing
The water curing method aims to use the process of reverse osmosis to cure the flowers. The process involves the immersion of mature cannabis flowers in water for several days – say up to five days. This helps to dissolve all unwanted elements on the bud leaving behind the insoluble cannabinoids.
Though this method of curing the cannabis is faster than the usual slow-drying process, you should take note that the cured buds are unattractive and they don’t have the same delightful tastes or impactful fragrances as slow-dried buds. This is because terpenes, which give it those traits would have been dissolved in water
3. Sweat Curing
This method originated from South American where it is popular. The steps involved in this procedure include:
  • Pack the harvested flowers in paper bags or sacks.
  • Use paper towels or cotton to form layers inside the sack. This is to help absorb excess moisture.
  • Place those bags in the sun. This will heat up the flowers and cause fermentation to kick start. This helps to dry the buds.
  • After two days, turn the leaves to avoid mold from forming.
  • Monitor the flowers for dryness and change in color which signifies the end of the process.
So, there are our three alternative method of curing your weed. Share with us which of the curing process you would be inclined to try out and why.

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