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    If Your Dog Ate Your Stash

    Dogs will eat almost anything and as pet owners, it’s our job to make sure that they don’t. It’s really easy and important to keep your stash away from your pets because studies on marijuana affecting animals has not developed as much we’d hope. ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center doesn’t believe in using medical marijuana on animals because the original medications were never compared to it and they’re unsure how much of a dosage is too much. People do use marijuana on their pets for medical purposes; however, it’s usually just hemp or CBD, never THC, and can be found in the form of treats, shampoo, spray, and so on.

    If your dog has eaten some of your weed, then there are a few things to consider before rushing them over to the emergency room. However, if you feel that it is absolutely necessary to go to the vet, then absolutely go to the vet; better safe than sorry. Some side effects you’d notice your dog having include stumbling, overly panting, lack of balance, vomiting, diarrhea, and being overly lethargic. So, what do you do if you dog ate your stash?

    First, figure out how much and what your pet has ingested. If your pet ate a rolled up joint or just some bud, then they’re probably fine since it’s less affective as a flower. If your pet ate a 500 mg brownie, then definitely take them to the vet; not only is the weed harmful, but so is the chocolate factor, so be aware. If they ate a 15 or so mg edible, then you just need to keep an eye on them and take care of them. It’s important to take notice of the kind of pet and the amount of the edible; the breed and size really matter when it comes to the dog’s reactions and tolerance.

    Second, take matters into your own hands. If you decide to take care of them at home, then you can help your furry friend out by giving them activated charcoal which would trap the THC and eventually be pooped out. Sit in a warm and dark room with your buddy while you talk, sing, pet, or just be there to keep them comfortable. Definitely have some water near by them. However, if your pet doesn’t seem to be improving within the first 30 minutes or just starts vomiting, then immediately take them to the vet!

    Third, be honest with the vet. Don’t come up with any bullshit story, this is your baby, so just be honest. Veterinarians are not obliged to report marijuana incidents, once you tell them what you know then they’ll know exactly how to treat your furry baby without having to do any expensive tests.

    Lastly, relax and reevaluate. Just chill out for now, your pet will be just fine. it’s very, very rare for marijuana to kill an animal. From now on, make sure to place your stash or edibles in a more secure spot far away from your dog or cat.

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