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    If You Smoke the Best, You Need to Be Grinding With the Best.

    For the same cost as about a week’s worth of top-shelf buds, you can own a top-shelf grinder that can literally last a lifetime.

    Surely we have all spent hours of our lives meticulously picking apart alluring buds and herbs, forever fascinated by the seemingly never-ending variety of aromas, flavors, and effects. I always enjoyed the thoughtful process of stacking each hand-picked piece of sticky herb into the perfect bonfire to smoke from. However, it was not until I paired my top-shelf buds with a top-shelf grinder that my appreciation for the plant truly took root.

    The pinks, purples, oranges, and more shades of green than you knew even existed all help to give top-shelf buds their aesthetic appeal, but that array of color really serves as the backdrop for the real stars, the shiny, sticky, juicy trichomes that the plant produces.

    Trichomes can be found in about 30% of plant species – think of the sticky crystals on the leaves and stalk of a tomato plant. They play a multitude of beneficial roles for their host plant, including protecting it from excess UV damage, giving it a better tolerance to frost, deterring predators or threats, and aiding against transpiration.

    Beyond all of that, trichomes are the micro-factories that produce and store the unique compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and more that directly translate into those aromas, flavors, and effects we all love from our top-shelf buds.

    So, when you run those top-shelf buds through an herb grinder, you want to be sure that the grinder is going to deliver those essential trichomes back to you relatively unharmed and ready to consume.

    The only way to be confident in that is to use a top-shelf grinder like Phoenician Grinders.


    A big part of the appeal of Phoenician Grinders is in just how different our 4-piece herb grinders look compared to the rest.

    We get it, they are gorgeous, but those unique, eye-catching features that you see on a Phoenician top-shelf grinder are not just for looks, they also serve as a testament to the long hours they spent in Research & Development on every aspect of the grinder to ensure an optimal grind, every time.

    With 50% fewer teeth than the average weed grinder, these top-shelf grinders allow for ample space to place your top-shelf buds without the need to start smashing and squeezing them into place.

    This low-friction environment is ideal for trichome preservation and is aided even further by the radial-cut teeth and the offset pattern in which they are arranged.

    This mimics the quick, sharp, shearing action of a good pair of scissors, limiting contact between your herbs and the teeth of the grinder and allowing the perfectly ground buds to fall through the generous amount of trapezoidal drop-through holes once ready to consume.

    That lack of contact means far less friction which means more trichomes passing to the chamber below are still fully intact.

    In fact, you may wonder why your Phoenician Grinder does not produce as much pollen in the bottom chamber compared to other weed grinders you have owned in the past. That is because our top-shelf weed grinder leaves most of the trichomes on the plant for you, creating a more intense effect! 

    Another thing you may notice after using your new top-shelf weed grinder from Phoenician for a while is the lack of that ubiquitous gummy substance that seems to quickly envelop every moving part of the typical weed grinder.

    That “gum” you see on your old weed grinder is not only a messy pain in the… threads… it is mostly smashed trichomes! You paid extra for those, don’t smash them in some cheap weed grinder. 


    The $10-20 you think you save by going with a budget grinder will be a drop in the bucket compared to the countless dollars worth of the best parts of your top shelf buds you wind up wasting by smashing it into the teeth and threads.

    Plastic grinders, painted grinders, 3D printed grinders… they all fail in one way or another and sooner rather than later.

    A top-shelf weed grinder like what you find at Phoenician Grinders comes with a limited lifetime warranty for a reason, it is built to last. Anodized aluminum never breaks chips, or flakes off into your freshly ground top shelf buds. As for those other weed grinders… that’s a risk that’s just not worth taking.

    It would be like watching someone pull out a jar full of the finest herbs, just the absolute frostiest top-shelf buds, and then watching them start to bend a soda can and poke holes in it so that they could blaze those buds. Don’t be that guy!

    While it may not be true for everybody, I found that when I made the switch to using a top-shelf grinder, I immediately realized pretty substantial savings in my monthly budget for buds. Suddenly, and to this day, a little bit can go a long way once run through a top-shelf weed grinder.


    Just like cavemen almost certainly spent a long, long time rubbing sticks together before discovering fire, herb grinder “technology” was stuck doing the same thing over and over, regardless of the brand, for too many years.

    Phoenician Grinders came along and provided the spark.

    The innovations that Phoenician introduced have changed the way that people think about how a 4pc top shelf weed grinder should look, feel, and operate.

    Phoenician’s medical grade weed grinders were designed with the patient and the plant as the highest priority and the results speak for themselves.

    When true connoisseurs seek a top shelf weed grinder worthy of their top shelf buds they go with Phoenician Grinders.


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