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    How To Upgrade Your Vape Pen

    Excerpt: Did you know you can use your regular vape battery for dabs? Easily upgrade your pen with attachments instead of buying a whole new device!  

    Your standard 510 thread vape battery is much more capable than you may think! One of the most common smoking accessories nowadays, vape pens can be used for much more than just pre-filled oil cartridges. If you’ve been in the market for other types of accessories, specifically for taking dabs, you may be able to upgrade the device you already have with a simple attachment 


    How to Upgrade Your Vape Pen 

    The first step in upgrading your vape pen is to make sure that your device will be able to work with attachments. If your pen works with the oil cartridges that screw into your device, then your pen is 510 thread. Step 1 complete!  

    Next, you’ll look at the shape of the pen. If it is a standard, stick-style vape battery, it will work with the widest variety of attachments. Most attachments will require a button, so auto-draw vapes usually aren’t compatible. If your device has a chamber that the cartridge is inserted into, it will only work with attachments that are the same shape as a cartridge so they fit inside that chamber.  

    Once you determine what your battery can pair with, decide what upgrades you want to make. If you’re looking to take dabs, do you want to add a glass chamber to watch your hit milk, or do you want a more enclosed accessory that you can put right in your pocket? Are you looking to turn your device into a dab tool? There are so many possibilities! 


    Take Dabs with Your Vape Battery 

    Turning your regular ol’ vape pen into a fully-fledged wax pen is way easier than dragging out your dab rig and firing up your torch. Dab attachments are often referred to as atomizers, and screw onto your pen the same as an oil cartridge. You load the wax onto the inner coils of the atomizer, put the mouthpiece on, and then press the button to fire it up and take the dab. 

    If you’re someone who loves to watch the smoke milk in a bong or dab rig before you inhale, a glass globe attachment is a great choice. Screw the coil atomizer on, load in the dab, and then slide the glass chamber over the top. Forget a wax pen, this feels more like a pocket-sized dab rig! 


    Use Your Vape as a Heated Dab Tool 

    How many times have you gotten annoyed trying to load your sticky dab into your wax pen or your banger? Getting angry is basically the opposite of the point of smoking, so make your life easier with a Hot Knife attachment. 

    This little accessory turns your vape into an electric dab tool with a ceramic tip that heats up, preventing your dab from sticking to the tool. It can also make cutting off a small piece of hard concentrate like shatter easier. Heat the tip before going in for the slice so it cuts right through the slab. 


    Turn Your Vape into a Nectar Collector 

    Looking to skip handling your concentrates altogether? Then a nectar collector is the choice for you! These attachments are made up of a coil atomizer and a straw piece that moves the mouthpiece to the bottom of the battery. Insert the coil directly into your wax jar, press the button to heat up the tip, and take a puff. This is also one of the best ways to make sure you scrape every last bit of wax out of every jar so nothing goes to waste. 

     Even if you don’t own a dab rig or wax pen, you can still enjoy concentrates! There’s no need to limit yourself to only oil cartridges when you have a 510 thread vape battery. There are tons of different shapes, styles, and options for vaporizer attachments that add new functions to your piece for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new device!  


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