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    How To Pass A Drug Test

    Whether you’ve got a new job interview, a meeting with your parole officer, or you’re an athlete who cannot have drugs in their system, passing a drug test for weed seems like something you’d want to be able to do. Here we outline some steps you can take if you, too, think passing a cannabis drug test might be beneficial to your future.

    Types Of Drug Tests

    Typically, cannabis is tested in humans in the following ways: through urine, through saliva, through hair and through blood. While a urine test is the most common, hair tests are growing in popularity, so if you’re looking to pass your drug test, it’s important to know what kind of test you’ll be taking, since each tests varies in how far back it can detect cannabis in your system. Weed in your hair – for example – lasts longer than weed in your urine, so if you’re receiving a urine test, you know you’ll have more time to prepare. The easiest way to find out what kind of test you’ll be administered is to simply ask.

    Natural Detox

    Unfortunately, when it comes to removing cannabis from your system, the only truly effective way is through detoxing. This means, not allowing cannabis into your system for anywhere between one and three months. How long cannabis then stays in your system since your last puff sesh is determined by a range of different factors: your age, weight, gender, BMI (Body Mass Index), and the THC levels in your body based on how much weed you consumed.

    Ultimately, you’re going to need to flush out your system by drinking lots of water and exercising. Engaging in physical activity is vastly important, since THC is stored in fat cells. Thus, the more you sweat, the more you’re potentially releasing THC to be flushed out of your body the next time you take a trip to the bathroom. And if exercise isn’t for you, you can still help your detox cause by inserting yourself into sweat-inducing environments, such as a sauna or the beach.

    Detox Kits

    If time is of the essence and you don’t have a month – or three – to spare, consider adding an over the counter detox product that you can incorporate into your abstinence and exercise program. While there are tons of these kinds of “detoxifying” products on the market, none are officially guaranteed to work, so make sure to choose a method or company you trust. For example, it’s been reported that bentonite clay has been able to absorb toxic agents in the body, so adding bentonite or something like activated charcoal to your routine might help you speed up your detoxification process.

    How To Prepare

    The biggest variables you need to know regarding your drug test are what kind of drug test you’ll be receiving and how much time you’ll have until you need to take the test. Knowing this information will be key to determining whether you can pursue a natural detox course of action or will need to ramp up your preparation by adding in some sort of detox kit or over the counter product to your existing abstinence. The biggest factor to remember is that THC is fat soluble, so at the very least, abstain, abstain abstain, and exercise, exercise, exercise. The less weed and less fat you have in your system, the more likely you’ll be able to pass your drug test.


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