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    How To Have A Magical Trip

    Getting high on psychedelics can be much more than cool colors and funny visuals. It can also be a gateway to experiencing life-altering introspection, crazy bits of divine insight and restoration to your mind, body and soul. Put another way, psychedelic trips can be therapeutic. Here are some tips to help turn your trip into a magical journey.

    ***For ease of explanation, we’ll use psilocybin mushrooms – aka magic mushrooms – as our underlying choice of psychedelic when explaining how best to have a magical trip.

    Choosing A Safe Environment

    Of the most important keys to having a magical psychedelic trip is choosing the right environment. A mushroom trip lasts anywhere from six to eight hours on average, so it’s imperative to be in a familiar location, since the trip itself can be quite disorienting. Simple ideal locations are your living room, backyard, or a stationary spot in the park. The more safe and secure you feel in your surroundings, the better you’ll be able to listen to your inner guide and tap into your higher self, and there’s also something about staying put – rather than being mobile – that allows you to focus in on your breath and simply exist in a way that helps further usher your body into a deeper state of relaxation.


    Another point of note is to never put yourself in a situation where you’ll be needing to operate a car at any point during your trip. Fighting against your trip to retain “reality” not only ruins your trip, but is also extremely dangerous. Stick with the stationary and the familiar and you’ll be golden.

    Setting An Intention

    Another key to a magical trip is stating that you actually want to have a magical trip. Like many things in life, intention is everything, and a psychedelic trip is no different. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel more freedom and mind expansion simply from having the intention to experience it. The beauty of a magical trip is that you control the destination. It’s one of those things where your thoughts put you in the driver’s seat. If you’re happy,  thinking positive thoughts and recite a positive intention either out loud or in your mind – or both – you’re going to have an amazing time.

    Conversely, if you’re in a negative headspace or are filled with fears and anxieties, you’re probably not going to experience the most magical trip. Negative vibrations run counter to the uplifting experience the mushrooms want you to have.

    How To Consume

    A magical mushroom trip is all about comfort. Just as your environment should feel safe and comfortable, so too should your clothing feel safe and comfortable as should the people you’re with. Chatty friends might be great when you’re simply hanging out, but if you’re trying to elevate to a magical place, there’s nothing magical about someone who talks your ear off and prevents you from getting to know yourself on a deeper level. A true magical trip is about sitting in silence (alone or) with another person who is going on their own magical journey beside you. Alone, together.

    With your comfort taken care of on many levels, you’ll then want to ensure – for best results – that your stomach is empty. Part of having a magical trip is planning ahead and planning to consume your shrooms on an empty stomach. Like eating a marijuana edible, the less you have in your stomach, the faster – and harder – it hits you. 

    As for the dose itself, stick to around one gram. By starting small, you can always add on if you want to prolong your journey or increase its intensity, and for best results consume raw through chewing or by adding to a tea.

    Enjoying The Magical Trip

    To really make your trip magical, stay open, breathe often, and know – that on a certain level – you’re communicating with the divine. You might experience some stomach nausea – which is totally normal – and if you push through this, there’s a beautiful awakening at the other side. Lean into the nausea, and you’ll find that breathing into it helps you elevate.

    Part of the magical trip related to intention is continuing the conversation with your psychedelics once you’ve blasted off. Ask the beautiful energy questions and listen for the answers. The consciousness you’re tapping into does not abide by normal space/time and neither should you during your trip.

    For best results, think of the psychedelic trip as a journey into the depths of your soul. The more curious you are about yourself and about freeing yourself from past worries, anxieties and stresses, the more you can use your magical trip to live, learn and grow.


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