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    How To Grow Plump Nugs

    Do you find yourself constantly searching for big buds? Is your store bought flower not cutting it when it comes to the size and shape you know you deserve? Here we outline how you can take matters into your own hands and grow juicy, plump nugs yourself.

    Time Your Harvest

    One of the biggest mistakes made my amateur CannaBotanists is trimming their nugs before they’re fully grown. One way to help grow those deliciously plump nugs is to give your plants the time to actually grow. Harvesting too early is a common problem made by growers who think their nugs are at capacity. A better way to judge the density of your nugs is to use science over your own personal guesses and estimations. It’s been said by some experts to monitor the tiny hair fibers on the cannabis plant, and when the white hairs change to orange, you can begin your harvest with the confidence in knowing that you’re getting the bushiest yield possible.

    Keep Your Nugs Fed

    Another pro tip to generate nug plumpness is to feed your marijuana plants their metaphorical Wheaties. But also, literally. Knowing what to feed your plants at each stage of the growing process is key to keeping them robust and healthy. The main feeding switch comes when the plant is switching from the growth stage to the bloom stage. When this happens, you’ll want to switch from feeding your plants a nitrogen-rich diet to one of a phosphorus-rich diet, for it’s the phosphorus that will help your plants grow their large, plump nugs.

    Plant Training

    Plant training is sort of like combing your hair, in that by consistently going through the same motions, your hairs – or in this case, your cannabis plants – will do what you want them to do. When it comes to training your cannabis plants to grow big, delicious nugs, there are two main courses of action: High-stress training and low-stress training. High-stress training involves shocking the plants in different ways to stimulate bud growth on the lower branches, and low-stress training involves positioning the plant stalks in such a way that it maximizes their distribution of hormones that promote plant growth. Remember, it’s not so much which method you choose, but more that you choose a method. Doing so will keep you on the right path to growing plump nugs. 

    Quality And Quantity Of Light

    Sunlight and artificial light might be the biggest factors in helping your nugs grow nice and plump. The more light your plants receive, the bigger the nugs. For outdoor plants, make sure they’re facing the sun and are exposed to anywhere from six to twelve hours of sunlight each day. If you’re growing indoors, a good rule of thumb is using one 100-watt bulb per plant. While using lower than a 100-watt bulb will most likely yield ineffective results, upping the wattage can definitely benefit your plant’s path to plump nugs. The only thing to remember is that the heat from lights can adversely affect your plant’s growth, so to ensure your plants get the light they need but also won’t catch fire, make sure the lighting is a solid distance away.

    Get Your Trim On

    If you know how to successfully prune a garden, chances are you know how to grow big, beautiful plants. When growing plump nugs, the same pruning strategies apply. The key to pruning cannabis plants rests in your ability to snip all of the tiny growths in between branches and at the bottom of the plant. Intricately trimming away areas of the plant that do not receive adequate lighting helps the plant’s energy be put toward the areas of the plant that do, ultimately ensuring that all of those awesome CannaNutrients go to the parts of the plant where they’re needed most: Those big, blossoming, plump nugs.


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