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    How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

    There are so many ways to grind your weed and a long, long time ago there was no such thing as a grinder. They just used their fingers and sure it got sticky, but they definitely ended up getting high. The old fashioned way of breaking up bud with your fingers will always live on and be efficient; nowadays people use this method mainly for rolling blunts.


    Coffee grinder

    A lot of people swear by this method, it’s so simple if you own a coffee grinder. If you don’t own one, then I don’t suggest you buy one just for this purpose. Having an automatic coffee grinder is perfect because the blades in it would finely shop up your weed, leaving you with some nice shredded bud to roll. It’s fast, easy, cheap, and can be mixed with your coffee beans.


    Not many people like this method unless they’re using dry bud, because if you throw sticky weed into your blender, then have fun cleaning it out. If you’re using somewhat old and dry bud, then this method would work out pretty well.

    Knife and board

    For this method you’d need a wooden cutting board and a sharp, smooth edged knife. It’s like chopping vegetables; just please be careful and don’t do this high. This is a cool method because you get to chop the bud as fine as you want it to be; the biggest down fall for this method is that it could just get really sticky on the knife, your fingers, and the board. If you don’t care about the stickiness, then chop away cautiously!

    Coin and pill bottle

    This is a very, very old method that a lot of people have used often. You just need any plastic pill container and a coin that fits in it. Place your bud and the coin in the container, cap it, and shake away vigorously; you should end up with some broken up bud pieces. This technique is so simple, effective, and you’re reusing an already purchased item.

    Scissors and cup

    This method is so easy and is used a lot; all it requires is a pair of scissors and either a cup or tray or anything that can hold your shredded bud. You basically just start snipping your weed up until you’re satisfied with the size and amount of bud you have; just be cautious when using the scissors.

    Garlic Masher

    This technique is pretty cool but it seems to only work best if you either have a marble or non-wooden garlic masher or a sharp ended garlic masher. Your aim isn’t to mash it to nothing, but to basically break it apart lightly to a decently sized crumble. It would be a lot easier if the garlic masher has spikes at the bottom of it rather than a smooth surface; this will help break the bud better and avoid simply mashing it.

    Cheese Grater

    Not often used, but this method works, and it works better if you’re using dry or old bud. If you’re using fresh bud, then it’s going to be sticky and won’t break right because it’ll be too soft. If you have some old bud, then it’ll grind up like a nice herb and you can smoke its spice.

    Ziploc Bag

    This method is so simple that all you need is a Ziploc bag and your weed. Basically instead of grinding up your weed with your hands, you just throw the bud in the Ziploc bag, and grind it up from the outside (or you can use gloves). You can crumple it and break it apart without getting sticky and even use any end of a kitchen utensil to smash it up some more.

    Those are just a few of the simple and efficient ways to grind up your weed when you don’t have or own a grinder. You can grind weed in really any way you want to; you can get creative as hell and have fun with it.

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