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    Take the pressure off with these easy tips and tricks to kill the smell of weed so you (and those that live with you) can enjoy your home without smelling the remains of your stash.

    When your room smells like weed after a session (or thanks to roommates), it can make the cleanup process feel that much more daunting, especially when the space is shared or used in the daytime for lounging and working from home. Letting the smell go untreated for too long can even lead other items in your home — such as bags and purses, jackets, and even entire closets — to take on the unmistakable odor of cannabis, exacerbating the issue.

    Planning around this extra step of cleanup can be challenging at first, but figuring out how to get weed smell out of the room once and for all will make the extra effort well worth it. Take the pressure off with these easy tips and tricks to kill the smell of weed so you (and those that live with you) can enjoy your home without smelling the remains of your stash.


    Let’s talk about taking preventative measures that will help reduce the risk of ending up with a smelly room. Before you break out your joint, blunt, bowl, or bong, consider how you can prep your room so that the odor doesn’t hang around too long.

    First, opt to store your stash in sealed containers so you’re able to control when and how the odors are released. The best containers will not only help you control the smell, but will also keep your supply fresh longer.

    As you’ve probably already discovered, smoke is notorious for attaching itself to all kinds of fabrics. Use this to your advantage. Before lighting up, close the door and try laying heavier clothes, sheets or towels at the base of the door to cover the in-between space where the smell could potentially sneak out of the room and into the rest of the apartment or house. Wash the items as soon as you can so they don’t sit too long in the stench.

    For a simple, natural solution, you can light a Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle right before you light up and harness the natural odor-eliminating properties of plant oils. Cannabolish is one of the best air fresheners to kill the smell of weed because it uses plant-based oils to naturally break down the smell instead of masking it with toxic chemicals. It even adds a little ambiance!

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    If the weather permits, keep the windows open and the fresh air flowing the entire time you partake and have the cannabis out of its air-tight container. You can also place a box fan in the window to create air circulation or open a window on the opposite side of the room. If the room you’re in has a door to a bathroom, turn on that overhead fan, too. The more air movement you have, the lower the chance of odor molecules settling into the fabric and other porous surfaces.

    If you go the extra discrete route of smoking in the bathroom, turn on the hot water in the shower for a few moments and let the steam filter through to help get weed smell out of the room. Make sure not to let the water run for too long to avoid wasting water.

    If you opted to light a Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle before beginning your session, simply sit back and let the natural plant oils work their magic as you smoke.


    For quick and efficient odor removal, use the Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray on furniture, clothing, and even in the air. Spritz the fast-acting formula throughout the room to kill the smell of weed while the smoke is dissipating and notice the difference in moments. As a general rule, remember to wash the couch covers, pillow shams and blankets when a room smells like weed.

    If the room has an especially strong stench after a session, the culprit may well be your carpet, which is prone to soak up smoke smells. If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged. Simply shake a bit of baking soda over the odor-infested area after you’re done with your session to get weed smell out of the room.

    Let the baking soda sit for a while to soak up the smell before vacuuming it up. The severity of the smell may vary based on the type of marijuana and how long the carpet was exposed to the scent. In cases of particularly egregious odors, the baking soda may need to sit for a few hours to effectively absorb the odor.

    Finish up carpet duty with Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray. Even if the smell isn’t particularly strong, Cannabolish’s natural formula will gently absorb any lingering odor and leave your carpet smelling fresh.

    There are many reasons why it’s important to pick up good hygiene habits around marijuana. If you’re a regular user, you may not notice when your room smells like weed, but guests can. Once you’ve developed a plan for how to get weed smell out of your room, you can feel a little more at ease enjoying cannabis in your home.


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