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    How to Control Your High

    Keeping your cool when you’re high can be really easy or really hard depending on you, but there are a few tricks to always keep in mind when you’re baked and need to be awake. The first thing and most important thing to know about being high is that it’s all mental, if you truly wanted to you could control your high very well.


    If you’re baked out of your mind and are just trying to come back down to earth, then you could try out a few tricks. The fastest method that a lot of people recommend is taking a cold shower, the cold water will wake you up instantly. Another interesting trick that people swear by is sniffing/smelling (NOT snorting) or eating pepper which would calm down your anxiety if you’re high and freaking out.

    Another at-home trick to try out is simply squeezing some lemon juice into a cup, then some lemon zest, some sugar, and just drinking it as a shot; the citrus is supposed to help your mind wake up. If this isn’t something you’re too into trying, then eat some antioxidants, like berries, dark chocolate, kale, artichokes, pecans, and so on; the antioxidants will eventually make you want to use the bathroom. Of course, eating and drinking lots of water will help you sober up or control your high better because you won’t be stoned on an empty stomach.

    Keeping your mind active and distracted is a huge help as well because you could easily fall into a paranoia state which would be uncomfortable, so try to focus on something; either a TV show or a playlist you can jam out to. Staying calm and relaxed is a huge help as well, you don’t want to be stressed when you’re not in your right state of mind and definitely avoid any panic.

    Not only should you be keeping your mind active, but also your body. Make sure to stay moving and not just be a couch potato; a lot of people enjoy going out for walks or simply just getting some fresh air will do them justice. A lot of people enjoy getting high and doing their work, it keeps their mind going and helps them reach their maximum productivity. It’s definitely doable being high and getting work done.

    While you’re getting high just remain active, that way you won’t get lazy or become

    unproductive. As little as talking on the phone with a good friend will help your high not become too overwhelming; however, there are some things to keep in mind that you shouldn’t do when you’re trying to control your high. Don’t ever panic, it sounds easier than it is, but you are in control of your mind and body always. Don’t answer an unknown number on your phone, that could strike up your paranoia instantly.

    A common “don’t” when stoned is don’t go to bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror. The fan, the bright lights, and your reflection will trip you out so hard and you might end up bad tripping; a lot of people have experienced this and it’s not fun. The last main “don’t” is don’t operate any heavy machinery (that could be anything from your car to your washing machine); just don’t deal with anything that you might forget about while high.

    When all fails, simply turn over to some CBD; it’ll counteract the THC you’ve taken and you’ll be sober or less high fairly quickly. Everyone’s tolerance is different, so just know your limits and remember to be kind to yourself. When you’re baked out of your mind, you have to be nice and take care of yourself. You got this.

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