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    How To 420 Like A Champ

    Once a year, cannabis enthusiasts across the globe join together expressing their love for the plant and spark up in appreciation on the day known as 420. Whether it’s your first 420 or 20th, here are some solid techniques to ensure you’re honoring the ultimate stoner holiday like a boss.

    Take The Day Off Work

    First and foremost, if you’re going to 420 like a champ, work can’t be part of the equation. If you’re your own boss, take the day off. If you’re an employee, burn a sick day. Either way, going into work while also trying to celebrate the annual stoner celebration is going to put a damper on any fun and will most likely lead to unnecessary bouts of paranoia as you attempt to get high and remain functional. Sometimes work and play don’t mix, so unless you work at an office where being high and celebrating 420 is encouraged, do yourself a favor and skip work so you can relax and give 420 the undivided attention it deserves. Your sanity – and your co-workers – will thank you.

    Buy The Right Provisionals

    After you’ve informed the world that you will be abstaining from work in favor of getting super f***king high, you’ll want to make sure you’re stocked up on weed, snacks and entertainment. This can all take on various different forms depending on your preferences, but generally speaking, you’ll want some sort of flower or edible selection, an abundance of small meals and snacks, an idea of what media you’ll be consuming or games you’ll be playing, and a backpack in case you want to take the show on the road. For maximum enjoyment, however, and in keeping with the champ mentality, you won’t want to find yourself at anyone else’s discretion. It’s for that reason we recommend staying at home – your home, where you make the rules – and inviting over your comrades to live out their 420 champness with you in style at your abode.

    Procure A Crew Of 420-Friendly Friends

    Choosing your 420 friend group isn’t a task to be taken lightly. There are certain friends in your friend rolodex who just don’t mix well in a group setting when weed is involved, and those friends should not be invited to your 420 party. Sorry. Save Ted who’s awkward and sits in the corner when he’s stoned for the weekend when he’s not smoking and is more sociable. This is 420, man, and you’ll want your best, most uplifting stoney all-stars at your side as you plunge into the depths of the most mind expanding holiday ever created.

    Be Safe, Have Fun, Get High

    You’ve called off work, your provisionals are stocked and your invites have been sent out. Now it’s time to get your pad 420 ready. This means, thinking ahead to what your stoned self or stoned friends might want or need and taking steps to make life easier for your future selves. It means doing things like putting out a few extra rolls of paper towels for napkins and spills, lining up your snack spread so folks can make themselves plates – and putting out the “back up” bags or snacks behind the first wave, so that when you crush that first round – which you will because you’re all champs – you’ve got everything teed up to not miss a beat. The same planning strategy also applies to your weed selection and smoking devices, as well as your modes of entertainment.

    And with that, congratulations! You’ve just learned how to 420 like a champ. We hope you have a safe, healthy and enjoyable holiday, and wish you the best on your journey to the highest of highs.


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