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    How CBD Vaping Can Improve Your Sex Life

    Welcome to the world of using CBD to improve your sex life — a journey that promises both relaxation and improved connection. Whether you’re exploring CBD for the first time to help you overcome sexual anxiety or looking for a way to marry something you already love to your sex life, adding an intimacy CBD vape pen to your sexual repertoire is nothing short of delightful.

    How CBD Helps You Get in the Mood

    Cannabis has been whispered through the ages as the closest thing to an aphrodisiac. CBD, a star compound in the plant, might just be the boost you need to switch from stressed to sensual. 

    Picture this: a steamy scene where every touch is amplified, and relaxation intertwines with arousal.

    Our libidos are complex and nuanced, influenced by an array of factors such as mood, stress, and even hormonal ebb and flow. For many of our readers, CBD is just the thing they need to create the perfect vibe for intimacy.

    Creates Balance

    CBD may dial up your body’s own endocannabinoid production, those very chemicals that seem to conduct your sexual rhythm. By helping you balance, it brings harmony to your body’s natural state, amplifying the excitement when you’re ready to go.

    Heightened Sensitivity

    CBD might just be the subtle nudge that encourages this sensual dance, thanks to its role in vasodilation—the natural process of blood vessels widening, a core part of the physical arousal process. Imagine the rush, the warmth, the heightened sensitivity!

    Stress Reduction

    And let’s not forget stress and anxiety—those notorious mood killers. CBD has been making waves as a natural chill pill. By possibly tuning down the cacophony of daily stressors and anxiety’s tight grip, CBD set the stage for intimacy, spotlighting the desire and intimacy that might have been lost in life’s frenetic pace.

    Sexuality is a profound part of our well-being, a sacred space where the mind and body unite. It’s not about reaching a high note or following a script; it’s about embracing the rhythm of your desires. And sometimes, all it takes is a bit of nurturing—patience, gentleness, and perhaps a few puffs of CBD—to harmonize the melody of intimacy that’s uniquely yours.

    Choosing Your CBD Vape Pen

    Not all vape pens are created equal. When choosing one, prioritize quality—look for pens with good build quality, safety features, and positive user reviews. When choosing for an intimate experience, you also want to choose a pen specifically designed for intimate experiences, such as the Foria Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen with CBD.

    Reasons We Love the Foria Intimacy Vape Pen

    We especially recommend the Foria’s Intimacy Vape Pen because:

    • Foria are the experts at using CBD for improved sexuality
    • Made in the USA
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Highest quality hardware
    • Foria promises 100% satisfaction with a 60 day money-back guarantee

    How to use Vape as Foreplay

    Let’s face it, coughing can break up your sexy vibe. If you find the vapor’s heat rivals your latest spicy takeout, consider fine-tuning your approach. Initiate your vaping experience with a gentle, swift 1-second puff, more akin to a casual greeting than a passionate embrace. Follow it with a breath of air, as rejuvenating as a splash of cold water after a long day.

    Employ a technique akin to savoring your lover’s kiss—draw the vapor with your mouth and tongue, savoring it as if it’s your first kiss. Allow the vapor to dance across your taste buds, cooling as it mixes with the air, before you guide it further. It’s the art of savoring the moment.

    If your draw feels constricted, ease up the cartridge ever so slightly. There! You’ve just fine-tuned the airflow for a smoother experience. And don’t forget to rest your vape pen between hits. Just like allowing a bit of time to stare into each other’s eyes, a little patience ensures your next inhalation is just as sensual.

    By following these steps, you’re not just vaping; you’re making each vape session a seamless part of your foreplay—effortless, smooth and enjoyable.

    Intimacy Vape Pen Safety

    Before you start puffing away on your Intimacy Vape, it’s smart to have a chat with your doctor—especially if you already have a playlist of other medicine. CBD can affect how your body handles other meds, and you want to keep the harmony in your health.

    Here’s the heads-up on CBD: it might mellow out your blood pressure a bit. So, if you’re usually on the low side, you might feel a tad light-headed—like standing up too fast after a Netflix and chill binge. And while it’s not common, CBD could leave some with a sense of calm that tips into drowsiness, or a mouth as dry as festival grass.

    Think of CBD as the ultimate adaptogen DJ, spinning the tracks your body needs. If you’re lagging, it could be your lullaby. But if you’re already buzzing, it could turn the beat up a notch. Stay in tune with your body’s rhythm when you use your Intimacy Vape to tailor your experience.

    How Many Cartridges Do You Need?

    We haven’t tested how many puffs till Foria’s pen runs dry, but the carts can last from a couple weeks to a month or two, depending on how frequently they’re used. Some puff on Intimacy Vape many times throughout the day, while others enjoy it just a few times a week.

    While you’re ordering, we recommend picking up one of Foria’s refill packs at the same time to make sure you don’t run out. Foria sells refills in 1, 3, 6, and 10 packs. Experienced CBD users will definitely want to grab the great pricing on 10-pack.


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