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    How CannaAid is Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

    The cannabis industry in the US is thriving. Thousands upon thousands of cannabis companies continue to pop up as the market continues to expand consistently. And, through it all, CannaAid still manages to come out on top. 

    Here’s how our brand is revolutionizing the cannabis industry.

    The CannaAid Story

    The CannaAid vision came to fruition back in 2014 when founder Lee VanTine decided to manufacture and sell a handful of CBD products. After spending time in Colorado and seeing firsthand the benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD, VanTine knew he wanted to create his own products. Thus, CannaAid was born. But, his vision didn’t stop there. 

    Along with having diverse hemp-derived products, VanTine wanted the brand to be affordable. He wanted to be the place that any person could go to when shopping for quality products that won’t empty your bank account. Thus, he priced his products at lower, more affordable rates, and soon, the business exploded. 

    Today, CannaAid is far more than just a CBD company. The brand is all about finding the newest hemp-derived cannabinoids in order to help customers live better lives. And today, Cannaaid has become one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of delta-8 THC goods, offering products like vapes, tinctures, gummies, and so much more. While many other brands have attempted to create a D8 selection like ours, CannaAid’s products undergo strict regulatory practices that put them miles ahead of others.

    Even though the brand has expanded significantly since its creation years ago, VanTine’s values have never changed. VanTine explains, “No one wants to get something that’s different the next time around. Consumers want to have a product that they spend their hard-earned money on ASAP.” He goes on to say, “At the same time, consumers always want new and innovative products. CannaAid offers so many different ways to enjoy these products, so we make it easy for anyone to find something they like.”

    No matter what, the CannaAid experience will always be about the consumer. Even in an industry that’s ever-changing and always growing, VanTine’s brand strives to be a constant source of high-quality, helpful cannabinoid products. 

    Affordability, Diversity, & Quality

    CannaAid is all about allowing customers of all types to enjoy their top-shelf products. In a time where it seems like the best brands are only reserved for those who can afford them, CannaAid does things differently. By cutting out the middlemen, we are able to price our products at much lower, more affordable prices, so even those on tight budgets get to experience the beauty of cannabinoids. 

    Since cannabis’ creation, the plant has never discriminated. And neither will we. It’s unfair to save top-shelf products for only those with stuffed wallets, and this is something CannaAid has always believed in. Thus, our brand has revolutionized the cannabis industry by allowing people of all backgrounds and experience levels to try cannabinoid-infused products at the highest level. With us, there’s no more sacrificing quality to save some cash. Instead, you’re always getting the best of the best — and at low prices, too. 

    As we mentioned above, CannaAid initially began just selling CBD products. However, this quickly changed as the industry began to expand. Now, CannaAid is well-known for its incredible product selection, offering customers cannabinoids they may have never even heard of. 

    CannaAid boasts an incredible selection of delta 8 THC products — more than you’ll find on most sites. All of these products come with easy-to-read COAs demonstrating their quality and purity. But, we offer so much more than just delta 8 THC. To give you a full picture of CannaAid’s impressive, diverse product selection, we’ve listed our featured cannabinoids below:

    CannaAid offers top-shelf products infused with these cannabinoids in various forms. Whether you’re interested in trying edibles, vape cartridges, prerolls, syringes, salves or something else, our online store is always stocked. 

    Not only do we have a remarkable product selection, but CannaAid is completely transparent about how we make our products and what’s inside of them. Customers always have access to our third-party lab-test results. These COAs demonstrate cannabinoid levels as well as testing for harmful impurities like heavy metals and pesticides. Whether you’re planning on buying a product or not, consumers can always check out these test results to see just how high-quality our products truly are. 

    CannaAid Makes Cannabis More Accessible 

    Simply put, CannaAid has revolutionized the cannabis industry by making cannabis more accessible. In so many places, high-quality cannabis products are only available to those who can afford them, or those who live in major cities. But, that’s exactly what CannaAid aims to change. 

    By purchasing your cannabinoid products online, you don’t have to worry about leaving your house and traveling across town. Instead, our top-shelf products are always available, ready to be shipped right to your front door. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of nowhere or smack-dab in the big city: CannaAid will get your products to you in just a few day’s time. 

    Right now, cannabis accessibility is crucial, yet largely ignored. But, by offering such diverse products at such affordable prices, CannaAid is helping more and more customers get exposed to the benefits of high-end cannabis products. Cannabis accessibility is always at the forefront of CannaAid’s goals; we strive to be the ones leading this change. 

    That being said, the brand is always open to suggestions for improvements. The only way we can continue revolutionizing the cannabis industry in this way is by listening to our customers and fulfilling any needs we may have overlooked. Thus, our Contact page is available 24/7. We love to hear from the very customers that got us to where we are in the first place.  

    See For Yourself!

    You could read about CannaAid all day, but you’ll never truly understand the quality of our products until you try some for yourself. Take the time to scroll through our unique selection of products and pick out the ones that pique your curiosity the most. Soon, you’ll see firsthand how CannaAid is changing —and improving — the cannabis industry day by day. 


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