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    Hot New Intro: Siphonair

    What if there was a gravity water-pipe you could smoke out of without ever touching your lips to the piece? Yes, you read that correctly. Smoking air is a thing, and it’s about to become a whole lot bigger. Introducing, the Siphonair.

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    What Is Siphonair?

    A creation from the creative minds at Gypsy Labs, The Siphonair is the world’s first hanging gravity water-pipe that utilizes suction and pressure to release smoke into the air for you to “sip” and enjoy, without ever needing to put your mouth on a mouthpiece. You’re literally sipping air. And while the Gypsy Labs website says that the Siphonair is for tobacco use only, it’s not like they have a camera in your house to ensure that’s how you’re using it. How cool would it be if instead of tobacco, delicious flower nugs were packed into your Siphonair and you were literally sipping marijuana smoke in an artfully cool, sophisticated manner without the fear of ever spreading or sharing germs? 

    How It Works

    The Siphonair hangs from a looping siphon that connects identical shaped droplet shaped chambers and is supported by a stainless-steel stand, with the entire contraption made out of a combination of the solid stainless-steel and 100% scientific grade borosilicate glass. Fill one side of the Siphonair with smoke, tip the water between the chambers and voila! Suction and pressure join forces to release smoke into the air for sipping smooth flavor profiles, all without ever touching your mouth to anything. Aside from being a new health conscious gravity water-pipe, the design itself is remarkably beautiful and will add a modern chic vibe to any table in your house.

    The Benefits

    Minimalist in nature, the Siphonair is redefining what a gravity water-pipe can be. No longer will you have to hide your contraption when you have people over because the Siphonair is a talking piece, even when it’s not in use. People will be intrigued by its flair and will be curious to take it for a spin – which they can do easily, and again, without fear of spreading germs. In the COVID age, health and cleanliness have become even greater priorities for people, and the Siphonair eliminates the spread of mouth-to-mouth contact typically occurring when sharing pieces during smoke sessions because there’s nothing to share! Every time the Siphonair is sparked for another person to use, they’re only sipping air, nothing more.


    Again, while the Gypsy Labs website states that the beautiful Siphonair is for tobacco use only, we all know that rules are meant to be broken. Imagine how cool it would be to not only try some flower in that contraption, but also some hash or some CBD? While tobacco may be the advertised substance of choice, the true gravity water-pipe aficionados will know how to make the most of the Siphonair’s incredible, game-changing technology and physics masterpiece. 

    How To Get Your Own Siphonair

    Currently you must be 21 or over to get your hands on one of these bad boys, which available for pre-order on the Gypsy Labs website and are scheduled to ship later this fall in September 2021. There’s a limited quantity and the pre-order can close at any time, so if you’re looking to lead your friend group in the latest gravity water-pipe inventions, snap up a Siphonair today before they do. Moderately priced at $169 for the entire rig, you’re not just purchasing a traditional gravity water-pipe, you’re buying a piece of glassware elegance that can be on full display in your home for both smokers and nonsmokers alike.


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