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    Hot Kush: Which Strains Are The Kushiest?

    Do you have a passion for delicious Kush strains? You know, the storied marijuana originating in the Middle East that smells good, tastes good and induces complete relaxation? You’re in luck because we also share that same passion, which is why we’re outlining the top Kush strains you should be targeting the next time you’re looking to get Kushy.

    OG Kush

    Needing little introduction, OG Kush is “OG” for becoming one the very first Kush strains to reach celebrity status after helping popularize the Kush family. Following its “birth” in the 90s, OG Kush rose in popularity and grew into the well known and well acclaimed strain we know it as today. For those who may not be as well versed in the Kush department, OG Kush has been hailed as the quintessential hybrid due to its ability to blast you off without any feelings of sleepiness. If you dig a more fruity, earthy bud that produces a fantastic high, roll with OG Kush and you’ll instantly understand what its storied high history is all about. 

    Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush owes its origins to the Middle East and is sometimes referred to as the “Godfather of Indica,” sitting squarely in the category of “sleepy weed.” A staple of Indica genetics, Afghan Kush produces deep relaxation effects and is also known to bring about euphoric sensations. While there are similar Kush strains out there, the Afghan Kush sour aromas are unique to the strain itself. So if you’re in the mood for a Kushy bedtime sleep aid, snag a few containers of Afghan Kush and prepare to melt away into your mattress in a sleepy stoney bliss.

    Bubba Kush

    Another 90s baby, Bubba Kush was actually an unplanned weed-pregnancy. What ended up happening was, the aforementioned Afghan Kush locked eyes with a Northern Lights strain, and after an evening together…the rest was history. Over time, the accidental cross-pollination has made society a better place to exist, and Bubba Kush has become one of the best Kushes to achieve a more cerebral, intellectually driven high. To enjoy a peaceful state within your mind, but without the sleepiness of a deep Indica or the alertness of a strong Sativa, check out Bubba Kush for a balanced date with your introspective self.


    Master Kush

    Hailing from Amsterdam is this Indica-dominant hybrid bursting with Kushy earthy tones and flavors. It packs a traditional pungent Kush punch and leaves consumers feeling mellow. Because of its Indica dominance, however, your “mellow” might find its way to sleepytown at the tail end, but the urge to fall asleep will not be as strong as the more pure Indica Kushes, like the aforementioned Afghan Kush. Master Kush is a great strain to bring into your system if you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day or if you’re trying to take a midday break and refuel your energy reservoir.


    Hindu Kush

    Second only to Afghan Kush on the Indica Kush scale of greatness, Hindu Kush doesn’t want to put you to sleep as much as it wants to put you in the couch. A true Indica in that sense, Hindu Kush’s effects focus more on making the body immobile, while also generating large amounts of euphoria and relaxed feelings. Hindu Kush has more sweeter notes than its more earthly relatives, and is a pleasant way to get high at home, particularly if you’re not planning to go out. Pair Hindu Kush with your favorite meal and you’ve got a date night with a special someone (or yourself) ripping and ready to go.


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