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    Holiday Gift Guide: Timeless Treasures for Your Loved Ones

    Functional China timelessly takes a piece of nostalgia from every era, and transforms vintage items into modern, fully functional home decor! Featuring Mid Century Barware, Japanese, Art Glass, Victorian, and  Fine Bone China collections to cater to various tastes and themes of home decor and personal fashion.

    These stunning pieces would make the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or sweetheart this holiday season! 

    Site wide will be 35% off thru January 2nd. On Black Friday-Cyber Monday use code: EXTRA to get an extra 10% off, for a 45% discount! 

    Functional China’s Black Friday Guide

    New Arrivals Feature

    Featuring Unicorn Colored and Twisted Glass Pieces.

    We recently incorporated recycled glass to our collection, and it has been a big hit!

    Available in the New Arrivals Collection.

    Aynsley Collection Feature

    These beauties are Reproductions from John Aynsley’s very first iconic collections from the early 18th century. These pieces took the internet by storm in 2019 after they were featured on Tommy Chong’s page and have been a best seller ever since! 

    Available in the Aynsley Collection.

    Barware Collection Feature

    There’s no surprise that our Barware Collection Best Sellers are Jim Beam Decanters! The quality is thickly superb, and are easy to curate and keep in stock. 

    Available in the Barware Collection.

    Milk Glass Collection Feature

    We love a good Hobnail piece! EO Brody company was a popular wholesale florist company founded in 1958 and produced until the late 80’s. You can find these as someone’s bong , at someone’s wedding, or both! 

    Available in the Milk Glass Collection.

    Art Glass Collection Feature

    Upon curating this season I came across a lot of Candy 🍬 Colored pieces and was inspired by the likes of “Lemon Head” “Candy Cane Gourd” and “The Purple Gobstopper” It’s definitely giving Willy Wonka vibes! 

    Available in the Art Glass Collection.

    Lenox Collection Feature

    This 24k Egyptian Style Fluted piece is absolutely timeless! Founded in 1889, Lenox is known for its rich history in fine dinnerware and serveware. 

    Available in the Lenox Collection.

    Mushroom Collection Feature

    The Mushroom Collection Features Kitschy Items! From Skulls, Guitars, and Cats! 

    These skulls are always very popular during the holiday season. Get your favorite person a skull to add to their skull pile! Available in a variety of colors. 

    Available in the Mushroom Collection.

    Functional China also has a large variety of limited edition, collectors, and one of a kind pieces. Make sure to browse to view the rest of our inventory! 

    Have a blessed Holiday Season!


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