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    Hiking on weed? Here’s what to know!

    Hiking is a timeless activity that brings us back to nature. It provides great exercise, with unparalleled views, and a sense of adventure. Although cannabis has become legal in many states, those wishing to enhance their hiking experience should still err on the side of caution. Due to the plant still being illegal under federal law, cannabis is prohibited in ALL national parks, as per the National Park Service. It may be a good idea to consume in private before hitting the trail, or at least be as discreet and respectful to other hikers as possible if you can’t resist that summit high.

    To ensure your cannabis-infused hike goes safely, here are some pointers:

    1) Bring Lots of Water

    This one might be obvious! Hiking itself already requires a lot of drinking water, especially if the sun’s out. This coupled with the dehydrating effects cannabis can have, it’s best to bring an abundance of water. There are also filtration devices that allow hikers to take water straight from nearby rivers and streams. These devices are also great for lowering the weight of your pack.

    2) Leave No Trace

    It’s well known among hikers that respecting mother nature comes first and foremost. Don’t litter the trail with joint roaches, it’s not only unsightly but dangerous. Take the roach with you or use a pipe instead. Pipes are also easier to extinguish for when other people are passing by. Edibles can also be a good choice, just be sure to take the packaging with you and know your dose.

    3) Know Your Route

    Even the most experienced cannabis users will tell you, that your sense of direction may become diminished when high. You may also be a bit more distracted than the average hiker while taking in all the natural beauty surrounding you. Ensure you know the trail length, difficulty, and elevation before you venture off. It’s a good idea to use an app like All Trails that uses your phone’s GPS to show you the way.

    4) Be Courteous to Other Hikers

    Even though the stigma around cannabis is changing (slowly), it’s still a good idea to avoid smoking too around other hikers, especially families.

    Now that you’ve picked a trail, know the etiquette, and are ready to explore, all that’s left is packing your bags and hitting the road! Here are our suggestions for what to include in your pack, including some great weed gadgets from Wolf Grinders, a brand dedicated to travel-friendly cannabis accessories.

    What to Pack:

    1. Munchies: You’ll definitely want something for when the munchies hit. Trail mix is an all-time favorite for hikers, it provides tons of energy and a bit of protein to keep you going. Fresh fruit and beef jerky are also great.
    2. The Combo Crusher by Wolf Grinders: The Swiss army knife of grinders. It contains all you’ll need to smoke on the trail. The aluminum body contains a built-in pipe (with a glass bowl) and a Bic Mini lighter holster. It’s also a 4-piece grinder with a 2.7″ diameter. This will take up very little space in your pack and the pipe is very durable! They also carry a folding pipe, if you’re looking for something to just carry in your pocket for shorter adventures.
    3. A Charged Phone with GPS: It’s a big world out there, best to have this even if you know the trail.

    The outdoors and cannabis seem to go hand in hand. Your appreciation of nature can be heightened when smoking which can lead to a very memorable hike. Just ensure you don’t overdo it. We hope you enjoy your high hike!


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