The Higher Power of Cannabis w/ The Weed Nuns | The Weed Show

The Higher Power of Cannabis w/ The Weed Nuns | The Weed Show with Charlo Greene

Did you ever think you’d see a nun get high? It’s happening LIVE as we sit down with Sister Kate and the Sisters of the Valley, also known as the #WeedNuns. These women are nothing short of trail blazers, creating an entire community based on cannabis and economic success — NOT religion. You may think you know about the Weed Nuns, but you have no idea.

Plus, we’re LIVE with your POT TOPICS from 4/28/17:
– A list of items not allowed at Walt Disney World: skateboards, large strollers, and now — marijuana.
– One #Georgia lawmaker is bypassing state regulations and delivering cannabis oil directly to patients in need within the state.
– Did you know cannabis can actually CURE #opioidaddiction? If you don’t believe it, take the word from this former police officer who’s been through it himself.
#Cannabis is a wonderful medicine, but mixing it with other prescriptions may have consequences that we’re unsure of.
– The markets for #medicalcannabis and #CBD are BOOMING — so much so that we’re even seeing beauty and skin products made with cannabis.
– Too high and can’t come down? Never fear, the world’s first cannabis antidote is here.

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