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    HIGH Power Changing the Way People Consume Cannabis Forever

    New Flavors

    HIGH power delivers affordable, premium quality THC-infused syrup that is consumable in a variety of   ways. Its newest flavors: French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Horchata are taking the industry by surprise.

    The HIGH power THC-infused syrups line is being praised for being a groundbreaking force in its industry. Building off its success, HIGH power is excited to announce the addition of new flavors: French Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Horchata. Leading consumer consumption to an even wider variety of ways of enjoying THC infused syrups. Removing the social stigma, HIGH power gives consumers the ability to enjoy the benefits of THC without the drawbacks of smoking cannabis. The new flavors move into uncharted territory expanding the already popular flavor line such as Berry, Watermelon, and Grape that have established the brand’s stellar reputation. Customers have responded to the new additions enthusiastically, pointing towards the expanded line as more versatile and user friendly than ever. Encouraging user creativity in their consumption choices for THC Syrups. 

    “Our goal is to disrupt the cannabis market with our proprietary formulations that offer wide variety of uses and an unmatched range of flavors, the new additions to our line show that we are continuing to build momentum and progress as a brand dedicated to those objectives. We are changing the game one flavor at a time.” says Julian, CEO and Founder of HIGH power.

    According to the company, each bottle of THC-infused syrup contains 1000mg of premium THC, equal to ten bags of competing brands THC gummies. When comparing prices, High power syrup provides one of the most competitive prices per milligram of THC on the market and a much more exciting expansive palate of flavors. 

    HIGH power is consumable in both micro and macro doses reliably expanding consumer control of consumption and providing other health benefits such as anxiety and pain relief. There is no shortage of delicious and creative ways to eat or drink the syrup. From mixing it with your favorite beverage, adding it to smoothies, as a dessert or breakfast topping, its relaxing effect are undisputable. HIGH power THC-infused syrup encourages the best elements for creativity, diversity, and cultural expression for that individuals use. The Horchata flavor, being first of its kind in the cannabis industry, distinct from its fruit line relatives, adds a versatile expansion into desserts and other meals.

    The company is delighted to share its favorite HIGH power recipes on the information-packed website. Highlights include Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade, Dragon Fruit Grape Lemonade, and a mouthwatering Triple Berry Smoothie.

    Customers have been quick to express their avid support for this innovative approach to a cannabis product. 

    Angelica S. from California recently gave a five-star review- “This syrup has been a life saver! It is easy to carry and enjoy anywhere, its effects are lasting and have helped my pain post-surgery. I even take it with me when I travel.” 

    Check out HIGH power Syrup on Instagram @highpower.syrup ( Visit the official website at


    About HIGH Power

    HIGH power founded in 2020, providing consumers with an innovative way to consume THC more discreetly. It is available in over 100 dispensaries across California.


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