High in Nor-Cali? Check out these places to go even higher!

We know that being high can be fun at times and in others very much a scary experience. However, if you are a hipster or the artistic individual who wants to go even higher and you happen to be in San Francisco you should visit these places to enjoy the art and of course the city.

The first place on our list is of course downtown San Francisco. If you ever want to go ahead and go higher than the skyscrapers that peers the sky, there is no other place then downtown.

Downtown San Francisco is the heart of the city and being high in downtown can be one of highest experiences in life. Although, the only time you should have a go downtown high is on a Thursday, anytime of the year, all day long. Californians love to display the art and it can even look better with it a hint of green.

If you ever feel like you want to get away, hop on the BART and go to uptown Oakland. Now I know what you’re thinking about Oakland, however put that aside and go to visit the culture, art, food, and of course the green delight. There is a tremendous amount of art and snacks to quench the eventual munchies that you will experience. Also, there are many alleyway galleries and at times you might be surprised with what you see.

Oakland is known for its street art and has an endless summer delight. If you ever feel like visiting a completely different place than your own, Oakland is definitely calling your name. Last on the list is a little bit east and is still just as fun high as it is far away. Downtown Sacramento is a trippy place that will keep you enjoying your time before heading back home and of course amusing galleries and hotspots dotting all of downtown.

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