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    Herb Ripper – THE Stainless Steel Grinder

    Have you ever walked into your kitchen and thought, “darn, I can’t wait to cut all these vegetables with my handy dandy plastic knife!”? We haven’t either.  Feeling the weight and quality of stainless steel in your hands is transformative.  While some people consider grinding herb to be a trivial task, others enjoy the ritual as much as the consumption.  But we can all agree that quality tools that produce the best product the fastest will help us achieve our higher goal.

    This is where the Herb Ripper excels. Machined in the United States from solid stainless steel, our grinder rips through herbs crafting a fluffy uniform grind, truly elevating your experience.  The Herb Ripper is available as a 3-piece set and comes in 2 models: the Classic (2” Diameter) and XL (2.5” Diameter).

    Both models include an option to add a Kief catcher. If you are looking to boost your consumption experience and make a real statement, consider checking out the Herb Ripper at  Don’t forget to use code “420” for 20% off the month of April!  We thank you so much for supporting our small business!!


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