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    Hemp-Derived RSO is an Ultra-Powerful Healing Agent

    Metta Hemp Company has created the industry’s most potent Rick Simpson Oil available on the planet.  2900mgs of cannabinoids are contained in a 5mL syringe.  Their RSO has been specially formulated to deal with the most life threatening health situations.  Not for the faint of heart, this uncut oil stays true to the original creator’s extract.

    Rick Simpson is a Canadian that created a cannabis extract in the early 2000’s to treat his skin cancer.  After achieving successful results, he shared his formula with his townspeople and later the world.  Today Rick Simpson is recovering after surviving a stroke.  He has a gofundme page that Metta Hemp donates $1 from each RSO they sell.


    Metta Hemp is a company that was founded on the principles of being kind, helping others, and pushing the cannabis plant medicine further into the mainstream. They have done this through a variety of methods including using Live Resin, Rosin, and Mother Liquor in their final products.  They also offer deep military discounts and donate a portion of every sale to – an organization that spends millions of dollars each year to further the research and development inside the US for approved medical use of psychedelic plants.


    Find their RSO here:

    You can donate to Rick Simpson’s gofundme here:


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