The Hemp and Cannabis Fair is a Fair For Pot Smokers

The general perception about hemp and cannabis is not very positive, with the government’s “war on drugs” and other narcotics prevention initiatives targeting it and groups with vested interests spreading fear among the public. In reality, marijuana is harmless. To educate people and make them aware of the significance of marijuana, certain groups have come together to organize events for the people.
The Hemp and Cannabis Fair is an event held across several cities in the United States. It first started in California to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in the state. The Hemp and Cannabis Fair is now a yearly event showcasing the best of marijuana while connecting people and communities together. According to the organizers, this fair is a culmination of all the positives about marijuana and is a message to the United States government as well as other governments around the world to stop the war on drugs against marijuana and instead make it legal for recreational and medicinal usage.
A fair cannot be called a fair without an assortment of events! Remember going to the fair as a kid? This is basically the same but with a bunch of pot. The fair has variety of events mainly geared to spread awareness about marijuana. There tons of stalls set up by various exhibitors. This includes manufacturers and producers to show the latest in marijuana, people selling growing materials, and even edibles. Also scheduled are a series of lectures and presentations by experts to give the attendees a deep insight on the workings of the marijuana production process, as well as its use as a medicine for a wide variety of diseases.
Concerts and dramas explaining the history of marijuana over centuries are also scheduled for people’s entertainment. A wide variety of medicinal dispensaries along with patient information will also be present for the purpose of disseminating information as well as to sell marijuana to interested people for medicinal as well as recreational usage. Various social and community groups advocating for the recreational use of marijuana would also be present to show the public the ways marijuana can help people and communities to bond together and in the end, make stronger and close-knit communities and neighborhoods.
The Hemp and Cannabis Fair recently concluded in the city of Coos Bay, with its next stop being the city of Reno between the 3rd and 4th of June. Subsequent events will be organized in the city of Fairbanks on 24th and 25th of June, at Redding between July 15th and 16th and then at Anchorage, Medford, San Luis Obispo before concluding for this year at Las Vegas in the month of September. Entry is for everyone over the age of 21.

More and more events like these are popping up across the country, and that is just awesome. They are creating a positive marijuana image all while creating a fun atmosphere. I hope to see more fairs like these.

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