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    Has Your Instagram Been Disabled?

    Losing your Instagram page can be devastating. But don’t freak out. There’s ways of getting your page back. 

    We’ve been in the social media space for 10+ years and own a network of 50+ Instagram pages. We’ve learned a few things along the way. Below is a brief guide on what to do if your Instagram page is disabled. 


    Disabled vs Deleted

    First thing to do; identify if your page has been “disabled” or “deleted”. If the page has been disabled, you can get your page back. If the page was deleted, it’s most likely gone. 

    When you login to the account, it will give you a message noting if the page was “disabled” or “deleted”. 



    Instagram will give you violations or warnings before they remove a post or disable your page; don’t disregard those notices. Instagram has a “7 strike rule” that is one of the determining factors if your page is compliant or not; 

    Here’s some bullet points of the “7 Strike Rule”

    • 2 strikes – Instagram takes away “branded” content 
    • 4 strikes – Instagram shadow bans your page
    • 5 strikes – Instagram takes away “Instagram Live” 
    • 7 strikes – Instagram disables your page. 


    Each strike gets “reset” every 3 months. If you get a “copyright” strike, it takes a year for that violation to be removed. 

    Some strikes like “bullying”, “promoting illegal goods”, etc. can take up to 6 months for the strikes to be removed. 


    How to get your page back

    Method 1) Appealing on the Mobile Instagram App:

    If your instagram account is disabled, when you try to log in, It will show you a Pop-up Error message that your account has been disabled. Under that message, there’s an option “Learn more“. 

    So when you click that ‘Learn more‘ button, you will get the “Appeal” option or “Request Review” option. 

    So now simply follow the onscreen instructions and appeal by submitting your details. 

    Method 2) Submitting the Official Appeal Form: 

    You can use the official appeal form by clicking the below “Appeal Form” button.

    Appeal Form 

    Fill in all the required fields and click the ‘Send’ button to have your appeal reviewed.

    Depending upon the case, later you may be asked to submit any ID proof of yours or a selfie photo of yours as a verification step at some point in the middle of the review process.


    PRO TIP: When appealing, Instagram logs your email address for 7 days. This means, Instagram will only see your appeal one time in 7 days. So appealing over and over wont make a difference. Actually appealing over and over again can cause you to not get your page back. 

    The way you appeal more than one time in a 7 day period is simple; use different emails!

    When appealing, the email associated with the account is actually irrelevant. So if you use different emails when submitting your appeal, you have a higher probability of getting your page back quicker. Just make sure you have access to the emails that you’re submitting appeals with because Instagram will send you a verification code to those emails. 

    What happens after I submit the appeal form? 

    Currently, for most people, as a further response to the appeal which you submitted for your disabled IG account, the Instagram support team (Facebook) will send you an email that contains a unique number code and instructions to follow.

    Now you should submit a photo of yourself holding a handwritten copy of the particular code followed by your full name and username

    Steps to follow:

    • Take a clean white paper or an A4 sheet
    • Write down the code which was sent to your email, and along with that, write your full name and your Instagram username of that disabled account (Make sure that you write it in a clear way, easy to understand. Better use a sketch pen or a Marker if you have)
    • Ask someone to take a photo of you while you’re holding the sheet of paper with your both hands. Your face should be very clear.

    Now send your picture to the email which you received. 

    Instagram team (Facebook) will review it and will respond back to you about reactivating your Instagram account.


    Ok, so you’ve tried appealing and still no luck? Here’s an advanced approach to getting your page back: 

    The chances of getting the account back are greater when appealing with different email addresses instead of just using the email associated to the account.


    1. Click this link
    2. You have 2 options when you click this link; “Business” or “Personal”. 

    First you will select “yes” this was used for a business

    Enter this info below:


    Full Name: 

    IG Name: 

    Email: Enter an email you have access to

    Country: USA

    Choose File: Attach a file (file will be whatever IG request) 


    Once you complete this form and submit the appeal, go back and click the link again and select “no” when it asks “represent a business”. Now you’re disputing for a personal page. Fill in the fields again but use a different email.

    1. When you dispute for Personal, you will receive an email from Instagram asking you to hold up a sign with the name and account info on the piece of paper. 

    When you get this request, follow the instructions and submit the email. 

    1. Instagram only accepts disputes from 1 email address every 7 days. This means if you use the same email on the account when you dispute, IG will only accept that email once every 7 days. 


    So you need multiple email addresses when you’re disputing and trying to get an account back. 

    You can use the same email once for business and once for personal every 7 days. Typically when getting a page back we recommend using 10 different emails to appeal with. This will increase your chances of getting your page back quicker. 

    1. When you dispute “business”, you’ll get an email from Instagram asking you to send documents to prove it’s a business account. Respond and use the documents attached when you respond to Instagram.
    2. When you dispute “personal” you’ll get an email from Instagram asking you to send documents to prove your identity. That’s where you send a picture of you holding a piece of paper with the code IG gives you in the email. 


    Pro Tip: If you’re using different emails, you can dispute upto 20+ times a day to get your account back.


    1. Here are additional links you can use as well. 

    Appeal Report

    Hack Report

    My Instagram account was Deactivated

    1. There’s lots of videos and articles on how to get the account back as well 

    Here is an example :

    Additional Notes

    Flagged IP address: 

    Instagram tracks its users based on the IP address of the device. If your page has been deleted over and over again, you most likely have a “flagged IP”. 

    Solution; next time you’re setting up a new Instagram page, use a “clean” device like a different laptop, phone or tablet to create your Instagram account. 


    Avoid using “canna” related hashtags in your caption. If you must use a canna related hashtag, place the hashtags in your comment section, not in the caption.

    Direct Messages: 

    Instagram monitors your DM’s. Avoid talking business or negotiating in the DM’s. Especially if you’re a cannabis brand. 

    If you’re still having trouble getting your page back, contact us at for advanced options to get your Instagram page back. 


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