A Guide To An Unforgettable Cannabis First Experience


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So you have made up your mind to take your first cannabis puff. This journey - I love to refer to cannabis smoking as a journey; will transform your life forever. You will experience new highs - yes literally you will get inspired, and when you’re back, you will wonder why you never started on this journey before now.
It is an exciting journey, and I’m here to take you by the hand to make your first experience enjoyable. The tips offered here are aimed to get you in the best frame of mind, remove triggers that could lead to possible anxiety and allow you revel in the experience.

Procure Marijuana

Yes, this is the first thing you need to do. Even with the banning and restrictions people still get ‘hold of weed. I’m not advising you break the law anyway.

Choose a Consumption method

Do you plan to smoke it, Vape or Dab the cannabis? Whatever method of weed consumption you choose will determine the gadgets you will need.
If you choose to smoke, fortunately, most dispensaries have pre-rolled joints you can use.

Get some Groceries

Stock up on supplies to avoid driving out when high. You don’t wanna experience what chore it is maneuvering your vehicle in the parking lot.

Be Aware Of Your Environment

Your mindset and environment will go a long way in determining how your high is going to play out. Getting high when you are stressed and tired sets you up to a negative experience.

Do It, Already

You have made all the preparations --- grind your bud and filled your pipe (or lit your joint); it's now or never. Inhale deeply and make sure you’re taking in additional air after your hit and don’t hesitate to breathe out at a sensible time. Enjoy your hit and don’t hesitate to stop… moderation is the watchword here.

Have some Fun

Have entertainment lined up because you will surely be needing it.  However, avoid something new because you might find it hard to follow.

Have Some Food At Hand

The urge to munch on something will surely show up, and you don’t wanna be caught napping. The good news is that weed makes food taste better. So eating your favorite food while high could expose you to new experiences.

Be In a Familiar Setting

Cannabis has a way of messing around with your mind. Being in an unfamiliar environment could trigger paranoia fits or anxiety. It is recommended you be around your loved ones- or run the risk of people messing with you for their own twisted enjoyment.

Stay Calm

In the case of unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings, stay calm and take a deep breath. Remember there’s no known record of death through cannabis use, the feeling will soon wane and you will be fine.
Alright, there you have the guide. If you enjoyed the article, please share with someone you think might need it. What was your first time like?

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