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    Getting High On A Budget

    You love getting stoned, but lately, you’re finding yourself a little pressed for cash. Fear not, cannafriends. Here we provide you with some easy-to-implement solutions for getting high on a budget.

    Invest In A Quality Piece

    One of the first items on your to-do list if you’re looking to economize your marijuana consumption should be purchasing a quality smoking pipe or bowl, ideally glass, and ideally well-made. Purchasing a quality piece will save you time, money and headaches in the long run for several reasons. First, you’ll always have a smoking device on hand and will never need to scramble for something to smoke out of. Second, you’ll never need to purchase rolling papers, which over time, can add up, and third – because the piece is quality – it should last, meaning you won’t need to be spending more on a replacement piece unless you break it doing something careless. Quality pieces are a very durable and a very worthwhile investment for getting high on a budget.

    Stop Buying Joints

    As mentioned above, not needing to purchase rolling papers will save you money over time, but so will discontinuing your purchases of pre-rolled joints. If you want your money to go further, try limiting your (legal) marijuana purchases to flower, which can be used with that new quality piece you just bought and also to make your own edibles. Ultimately, purchasing flower will give you more bang for your buck, not only for the different ways in which you can consume it, but also for how you can control how much flower you’ll be using for each smoke session. With pre-rolls, you’re buying the equivalent of a certain amount of weed which has been evenly distributed across each pre-roll. This means, if you wanted to roll a mini-joint, you’d have to spark up only a small portion of the pre-roll, which then means you’ll need to store it with the buds exposed, creating the potential to stink up your stuff. For the budget conscious smokers out there, say “no” to pre-rolls, “yes” to flower, and “hello” to more money in your pocket.

    Become A Fan Of Edibles

    The great thing about edibles is that they’re a discrete way to get high, which is important when you’re on a budget because you literally can’t afford to lose your buds due to confiscation or being forced to throw them away. Edibles have a solid shelf life – depending on what they’re made out of – and will consistently provide a high you can count on. Again, depending on what you’re making, you’ll be able to transform any flower into a tasty oil or butter, which can be a fantastic substitute for any at-home recipe which calls for either. So while you can use your flower to create stoner staples like weed brownies, you can also use cannabutter or cannaoil for pastas, pastries and an assortment of other snacks and meals that you don’t need to eat all in one sitting.

    Purchase A Grinder

    Purchasing a grinder is an essential element to any plan for getting high on a budget. Grinders help thoroughly break up buds into much smaller pieces than what can be accomplished by hand, and smaller weed morsels means that your stash will burn longer and more evenly.

    Grinders are also especially helpful when it comes to breaking up nugs to be used for cannabutter or cannaoil because you’re creating a more evenly sized quantity of smaller nugs, freeing up more bud to be turned into a delicious THC concoction.

    There’s also the shake that collects at the bottom of the grinder that can be used to save your smoke sesh when you’re in a pinch, which is yet another reason why grinders are great for getting high on a budget.

    Oils And Teas

    One of the other ways in which you can get high while saving dough is by consuming (and making) cannabis oils and teas. Utilizing your budget friendly flower and your budget friendly grinder, you can grind up your buds and imbibe them in the form of teas, which can be mixed with anything from flowers to coconut milk for a truly relaxing beverage. The best method for creating your tea is similar to the edible, whereby for best results, you’ll want to add the weed to your tea in cannabutter or cannaoil form. This is because THC is better absorbed with fat, and the great thing about fat is it can be added to almost anything.

    So whether you’re brewing a batch of THC-laden camomile or cheffing up an oil to be used on a salad, teas and oils are great ways to stretch the longevity of both your cannabis supply and the dollars in your bank account.


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